News Triple H refusing to let Yoshi Tatsu move from Florida

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 24, 2013.

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  2. Yoshi is so gravely misused.
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  3. I'm pretty sure Tatsu doesn't need to work in his in ring skills, some other stuff sure, but this sounds weird.
  4. Yoshi needs to work on mic skills if anything. His wrestling is fine enough to get him through a midcard feud, hell stick him with another foreign wrestler and have them feud with the Real Americans. He should be used, not be held down to Florida.

  5. Disagree he's a good worker but isn't an entertainer. He's in the wrong country in Japan he's a solid mid card hand but in the WWE environment he's in the right spot.
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  6. I think he was using the elusive sarcastic font on that one.
  7. Triple H is BURYING him!!! nooooo!! :pity2:
  8. Yoshi's short run on the old NXT as a Great Muta inspired babyface was actually pretty cool. That could have made for at least a short but interesting US/IC title reign/feud in my opinion. Not to mention if we had the jr heavyweight belt around.
  9. What jr heavyweight belt? This isn't Japan.
  10. It was the light heavyweight belt in the WWF. I just mixed them up.
  11. Stopspot baby, Yoshi is awful entertainment. Imagine your favourite wrestler having to have a feud with him in WWE.
  12. I'm a ringwork whore so I wouldn't complain.
  13. Why won't they let him move, I mean for a legitimate reason. Oh he doesn't wrestle well, I don't think i've honestly seen him on non-japan TV enough to actually make an opinion on that, I mean realisticly what would change if he moved? Oh nothing.
  14. The article itself states that Yoshi is one of the better workers the company has from an in ring standpoint.
  15. I think from "oh he doesn't wrestle well" to "an opinion on that" was sarcasm, because he's pretty much never on TV.
  16. If he has to go to the Performance Center daily and he lives in a different state it's a problem.
  17. Gotcha.
  18. To work on his in ring ability, which has been stated by the actual news up there to be one of the best in the company? Seems like a pretty crappy reason as to keep someone away from people of his own culture.
  19. Yes, agreed. But it's the sole reason they're not letting the guy leave, reportedly.
  20. The Taka Michinoku belt lol
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