Triple H Reportedly Against WWE Utilizing Mick Foley On Television

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Makes me despise Paul even more.
  2. :bury: What a jerk :upset:
  3. Mick Foley is mah boy! Plus he could put more seats then that shitty tuxedo match between mario and ricky ricardo
  4. IMO, as far as wrestling goes. Foley is god.
  5. Hey at least Mick Foley isn't a fucking puss. Go suck a dick H you really have nothing to do but get on dicks all day.
  6. That's not right by HHH. Foley is well known and can elevate lots of people, plus, he's fun to watch. He shouldn't despise him because he put him over.
  7. Mick with his missing teeth and ear looks like a beaten up old man, give him a piece of barbed wire or a flaming table he looks like a legit fucking hard nut. Why not use that to your advantage? Have him job to a young gun clean twice before setting up a hardcore match when Mick flips, setting up a third hardcore match where the young guy goes over again.
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  8. LOL Dave Meltzer. But this has been reported before.

    Senile Vince is immortal, right? Please say so.
  9. Simple method of putting people over. I hope they do something like this with Ambrose. Ambrose comes out and beats Mick twice, than Foley goes off and Ambrose still beats him in a Hardcore Match, as you said. Great idea.
  10. Fire isn't allowed in PG Era remember?
  11. The barbed wire will do just fine by itself. :burns:
  12. Does Hunter like anyone?
  13. Yeah, he likes HHH, the guy who lead evolution, Paul, and the other guy from DX, not HBK, the dude with the sledgehammer.
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  14. He also really like Undertaker's opponent at Wrestlemania 28.
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  15. :true: and Undertaker's opponent for Wrestlemania's 27 and 17
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  16. I have no real interest in seeing him anymore.
  17. Not unless it's a hardcore match. Flaming tables, falling off the cell again to give Ambrose a big push. Something like that. But it's PG Era. :gusta:
  18. Nah, especially not in these types of matches. Foley is old as shit and I don't want to see him putting his body in danger when he has nothing to prove. I especially don't want to see him taking a bump like the one he took off the top of the cell.. you are wishing to see a man die if you wish for him to repeat that spot.
  19. Triple H won't let Mick Foley to be on WWE TV, the same person who made him a star and what he is today (along with Steph's ass ofc)? Call me crazy, but that's a helluva BURRIATOR. :shovel:
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