News Triple H Reportedly Holds Talent Meeting Backstage At RAW, Talks Rumble And WrestleMania

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 6, 2015.

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    - So, if they decide not to go with neither Bryan/Reigns... Ambrose could be our guy... Or Ziggler, or Cesaro. Heck, even Orton.
  2. Ziggler! Ziggler! Let Ziggler win it!
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  3. It would really nice for it to not be totally obvious who the winner will be.
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  4. If he's even gonna be in it... Due to the storyline from last night. He was 'fired' along with Ryback and Rowan. Would be cool, though. I'm always up for the not-so-predictable outcomes.
  5. He's here to show the world.
  6. Ziggler returning out of the blue and winning the Rumble would be cool.
  7. This is meaningless talk from HHH when creative shuts people down ...or makes them part of the exotic express. How is anyone supposed to show what they can do, stuck in a lame gimmick?
  8. The WWE must be expecting the superstars to shine in whatever gimmick they give 'em. Yeah, most of the time they're incredibly stupid...
    But, look at how Sandow managed to get over by impersonating so many people and finally settling with The Miz to be his stunt double.
    If they're not dumb enough, they'll hopefully push Sandow to go over Miz at Mania. And then, I hope he gets a decent IC title run before going back to being irrelevant.
  9. If this even took place I can imagine Hunter doing this to work everyone so they wouldn't be pissy that Reigns is winning it.
  10. I'd be cool with Dolph winning it, although I think he's more of a MITB winner for this year than the Rumble.. I got Reigns as the favorite to win it, Daniel Bryan as the second favorite and then Ziggler as my third option.
  11. What if Wyatt wins it? I wouldn't cross him off just because he is a heel.
  12. It ain't happening, in my opinion. Not because he's a heel, well he's more of an anti-hero, but I just don't see Wyatt facing off Cena (again), Lesnar or Rollins at Mania.
    There's more chance of Wyatt facing Taker than him winning the Rumble, honestly.

    It's either gonna be Bryan, Reigns, Ambrose or Ziggler who wins it. The first two I mentioned are more plausible winners, though.
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    Would it be bad TV though? I mean, you're considering Ambrose, who is actually getting his ass kicked by wyatt. Anyway, I'm confident they have plans for him at mania, they wouldn't make him look so strong otherwise.

    Not sure how I would feel about him facing taker, lol. It would just be so sad to consider him getting 21-2
  14. Would it be bad TV? Dunno. I'd prefer it if Bryan won it, personally. Bork vs Bryan just screams MOTY material. Of course, Rollins would cash in on Bryan after the match.

    The last time I was reading news and rumors, it was reported they've been keeping Wyatt 'strong' in this feud with Ambrose because they're saving him for Taker at WM 31.
    I mean, I have very little interest in seeing Taker/Wyatt. Quite frankly, I just don't see Taker losing two years in a row. 21-2? I'll pass, but at the same time I don't really care, b/c Taker should've retired at 20-0, in my opinion.
  15. Yup, it's either Taker looking like a Jabroni old fuck or Wyatt losing to the leftovers of bork. That's no fun

    On sidenote: What if in some crazy twist Taker came back at the rumble, won it, have his rematch with bork for the title, win it and get cashed in by seth rolins?
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  16. That would be Main-event worthy IMO
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  17. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I'll take Bryan vs Bork, or anyone vs Bork than Taker vs Bork Part 2 any day of the week.
  18. The casuals would eat it up though, and it would be a much better passing of the torch by taker and a last hurrah. I just can't swallow that shitty match on the middle of the card being his last
  19. Perhaps. But I, for one, just don't see it happening.

    Still pulling for my fantasy-booking to come true... Bryan vs Lesnar, Bryan wins, Rollins cashes in that same night.

    We'll see how it goes, though.
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  20. Honestly that's really hard, Bryan or Roman? If Bryan, we'll probably see Lesnar vs. Bryan, but if Roman... i'm dreaming Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Ambrose. Don't ask how... I wanna see THAT if Reigns wins the rumble.
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