Triple H Says There's a "Weird Line of Reality That Isn't Crossed" with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. - The Miami Herald has a new article up looking at the entertainment side to WrestleMania 28. Here are some quotes from Triple H:

    "We’re a unique business. If I go on the Jay Leno show, I stay in character. He wants to interview Triple H, not Paul Levesque who plays Triple H. There’s a weird line of reality that isn’t crossed."

    "I know it’s confusing to the fans sometimes. Guys get fired or quit on-stage, and people aren’t sure whether it’s real or not. The best example of that, I think, was when we had Vince McMahon killed in a car bomb. Donald Trump, who’s a big WWE fan and a friend of Vince, called and said, ‘I know it’s probably just part of the story... but could you just tell me if Vince is OK?’ We’re like the last magicians: Is it real? Or Unreal? Nobody knows."

    "When you look at the real world, a lot of people feel that way about their jobs. They’re thinking, ‘this is a terrible place to work, my boss is an idiot, I don’t want to work there anymore.’ But they can’t go into the office and hit their boss over the head with a GPS, which is what [WWE wrestler] Stone Cold Steve Austin did to McMahon. For blue-collar people disgruntled with their lives, it’s a great fantasy."

    Really, really well said.

  2. Pointing out the obvious.
  3. Shut up Crayo!
    Haters Gon' Hate!
  4. Still a good talk job, right?
  5. It is a habit when you're not in the ring to act this way.
  6. Interviews like this are why kayfabe is dead

    Rule #1 of Kayfabe. You do not talk about kayfabe
  7. Why is that? :goldberg:
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