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In a big feature over on Bleacher Report, one I suggest you go read now, Jonathan Snowden talked to Tyson Fury about his move to professional wrestling for a match against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel on Oct. 31 in Saudi Arabia. It’s an interesting look into the boxer’s state of mind, as well as a reality check on what wrestling actually is.

Turns out it’s really difficult!

Snowden also talked to Triple H, though, and what stood out to me was how he sold the match between the two big men. When talking about concerns they may have, Triple H had this to say:

“First and foremost, I worked with him on not caving in Braun’s head,” he said with a laugh. “Everybody’s worried about, like, ‘oh my God, Tyson, what if you get hurt?’ I’m worried about Braun. Nobody’s concerned if Braun gets hurt.”

”Yeah, poor old Braun,” Fury said.

”Yeah, poor old Braun would be 370-pound Braun laying on his back looking up at the stars, not having any idea that Tyson even threw a punch yet, but he’s knocked out,” Triple H continued. “I saw Braun the other day. He’s actually dropping some weight, believe it or not, in an effort to lighten up because he wants to be faster for this match with Tyson to be able to keep up with him. As seriously as Tyson is taking this, he is as well.

”This is a big opportunity for him, and he’s getting in there with one of the biggest stars on the planet in the sporting world. And that’s an awesome opportunity and responsibility for him. As much as Tyson wants it to be great, he wants it to be great for him and for Tyson. He certainly doesn’t want it to be remembered for that time Tyson Fury came to the WWE and he stunk it up. He’s working his butt off for this as well.”
That does a fantastic job of putting over just how dangerous Fury actually is while making note of the strides Strowman has made in his preparation for it. It works both in and out of the story.

So Strowman will be in great shape while Fury will be eager to show that he can do this, because there may actually be a future in it for him if he so chooses. We’re not far off from finding out just how this all plays out.

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