Triple H should show some respect.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Kio, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. Triple H shouldn't have done that out there, getting Christian, Edge's best friend attacked? What the hell, The Game is crossing his limits. I mean Edge is the Rated R, WWE Hall Of Famer and Triple H 'Edge did not fail'!

    Know it's scripted, but IMO.
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  2. It would great, made him look like even more of a dick. :jeritroll:
  3. I thought this was going to be a BLFFL thread tbh.
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  4. So did the majority of WWEF
  5. You do know that this storyline is scripted, right? :dawg:
  6. :jeritroll:
  7. Mama, I do. Just a reliable discussion I thought of. #LikeAman!

  8. I was exactly the same.

    It shows that he is a boss at being a heel.
  9. I don't care if he crosses the limit. Limits are just the same as rules. They're created to be broken!
  10. Seriously though, it's called being a heel. Obviously being a dick/douchebag is going to get him more heat... Why would he show respect? Especially in fucking Canada.:dawg:

    "I respect you Edge!" *huge Canadian pop* :harvey:
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  11. Weirdly enough Edge was booed in Toronto for most of his career. He was only cheered late in his career during his rated R days.
  12. Did that segment remind anyone of when Orton and Edge dragged Ric Flair out back in early 2007 when Rated RKO were feuding with DX? Back then, Edge said that Ric Flair was to be his new guest on The Cutting Edge and then Orton came out and sarcastically said that Flair needed help coming through the curtain and so he and Orton dragged a bloodied and beaten Flair out to ringside, which enraged HHH (and HBK.) Kind of fitting that the tables were turned a bit here between HHH and Edge, except without the busted open part. (Damn PG.)

    Also, did anyone laugh when Edge said to Daniel Bryan "I don't know if you can beat Randy Orton, I really don't, but I think you deserve a fair chance." Um, he beat him earlier this year. Guess Edge missed that episode of Raw.
  13. I've never seen that segment, It sounds awesome though.

  14. It was during the build towards the awesome Rated RKO/DX tag team title match at New Year's Revolution 2007.
  15. I remember that segment, of course Flair bladed :pity:
  16. HHH will never stop burying wrestlers even now hes in management
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