News Triple H teasing DX for tonight?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2013.

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  2. I love that he types like a 12 year old with the R and U.
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  3. I think it's probably just him asking the Raw town if they're ready for the show tonight and doing it with the DX slogan because of Triple H's association with the group. I'm using logic of course, but I could be wrong.
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  4. Suppose they'd get involved with Shield.
  5. As I said on the Shield thread, I can see DX being the ones that end the Shields winning streak leading to them splitting up. So maybe this could be the start of it?
  6. Ew at that. No way would DX be the guys to end it.
  7. Well, Trips and the outlaws did stop the Shield from laying more pain on Undertaker after Smackdown so it is possible.
  8. Triple H and the New Age Outlaws against The Shield would be interesting but it would be shit for them to end The Shield's undefeated streak in six man tag team matches.
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  9. The fact that they dug out the Road Dogg means he is probably going to be eating a pin.
  10. I don't like it either but can see it happening.
  11. I can see them fighting, but I don't see DX going over tbh.
  12. Why would Taker/Kane/Bryan job to Shield and then DX comes in and goes over them? lol.
  13. Have you forgot who one of the main members of DX is?
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  14. And the other two guys in the match will be Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Two guys known to take the pin when needed. They did it for Stone Cold, Rock, Mankind etc. They will take it for the Shield.
  15. Evolution versus The Shield is more appealing to me. Triple H and Randy Orton ending up on the same side against The Shield despite their history (Orton even said when he turned face in 2010 that he still hated HHH) and then Triple H announces Batista as their surprise third partner and offers a challenge against The Shield, and that could be how Batista returned to the company.

    The probabilities for that are pretty low since Batista is tied up filming his big movie role in the summer but it's cool fantasy booking... So long as The Shield went over, of course. And even with a returning Batista, Shield could plausibly go over. The Rock was the big surprise partner at WM20 and he still lost (funnily enough, against Evolution.) As did Undertaker in the big six man tag match last Monday. Batista wouldn't have to take the pin. That's what Orton is for.
  16. HHH is enough, you're probably right :okay:
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  17. Doesn't matter.
  18. I hope i'm wrong but can see this being made into a fued. Yes DX may lose tonight and may get beat down a few times dueing the coming weeks. But I can see them ending The Shields streak.
  19. Stoppppp :okay:
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  20. Don't get me wrong bro, I hope it happens. Think how hilarious it would be. The Shield have whooped the NAO, and are about to surround HHH to beat him down/end the match. instead HHH pedigrees all 3, stacks the bodies, and pins all three of them for a Big E 5 count.

    I would die laughing
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