Triple H the savior of the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Some have argued how Vince needs to step down and be replaced by his son-in-law. Support for this involved McMahon being completely out of touch and NXT being a solid show. I can't argue Vince had changed into a guy with few ideas, has inconsistent approach to building talent and such an iron fist it is detrimental to what a superstar can do.

    Paul's track record isn't great. It's debateable how he politics his way into the limelight at the expense of other; that only 1 year ago he used his power to make himself the center of 'Summer of Punk' and give his friend one last run.

    The guy is seemingly ingrained in 80's NWA wrestling. That was a good alternative to the cartoon world of WWF, yet it wasn't 'creative' for the most. Character was as lacking in that promotion as it is in WWE today. It was about good wrestling and serious, believable feuds. That equals a strong, consistent product - but it isn't must see under a 2 or now 3 hour episodic entertainment show on cable.
  2. I think the biggest problem with Vince is his iron fist, and how he throws his weight around every part of the company and especially the product. If Triple H doesn't have such an iron fist and lets the creative team and other parts of the company a little bit looser, it'll already be an improvement.
  3. I do believe Vince needs to step down from his current position, and indeed believe it should be Triple H who replaces him. NXT is Triple H's project if I remember right, and I believe that's been a huge success.

    Indeed, It's no shock that when it comes to wrestling Triple H is an old school fan, but he's said and dirt sheets have reported on numerous occasions that Triple H doesn't want any talent being brought up to the main roster without a storyline and decent character behind it.

    Apparently Triple H is the mastermind behind all the tag team action we've been witnessing lately, as he's hoping to bring the tag team division back to life. He wants less divas and more wrestlers which I can only assume is a good thing.

    To cut a long story short, If Triple H ever got full backstage control of what happens within WWE I wouldn't hesitate for a second when thinking he would do an awesome job.
  4. His one downfall i can't seem to get over is last summer. Letting Nash get into the summer of punk tour was pure awful and the favoritism behind it was pretty awful.
  5. I agree, don't get me wrong though Kevin Nash, Triple H, DDP and Ric Flair are my all time favorite wrestlers. But I do believe Kevin Nash is "past it" so to speak.

    I believe they were going to evolve the Kevin Nash & CM Punk feud but Nash wasn't cleared to wrestle. (Something to do with his blood, I think.)
  6. Yeah i think i remember reading that but overall i'm excited about the possibility of a creative shift in the "e"
  7. I am as well, I've read a few reports on dirt sheets over the past 6 months or so, and it's been reported that working under Triple H backstage it's a more calmer and generally positive atmosphere.

    Hopefully this positive atmosphere will result in something good.
  8. I agree and we will see
  9. Yes, and hadn't Vince recently fired a writer or something? There could be a creative change coming soon.
  10. I'm reading now that he demoted one or two but i'm not sure about fired. Either way it looks like a change for the Mania season.
  11. Yeah sorry thanks for correcting me. It was first reported he fired a main writer only to find out he was demoted not fired. Thanks for the correction. But yes either way it look's like WWE are trying to freshen things up. Which I suppose is a good thing.
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  12. Triple H < Vince McMahon < Paul Heyman

    They're already turning to him for help and if things go right Heyman will be a big help in reviving the WWE.
  13. I would agree with what you said about heyman but it really seems like it's Triple H's Ship to sink now.
  14. No way will they turn to Paul Heyman on the creative side of things. Heyman already got 'sent home' (a nice way of saying you're fired from the creative team) the last two times he was on creative, and the same would only happen again.

    I think it can be only a positive thing when Triple H steps in. I've read a lot of his ideas for what he feels wrestling should center around and I agree with almost all of them. He wants longer title reigns (agree and disagree with that one), he wants to revive the tag team division (I'm so so when it comes to tag teams), he wants to bring back vignettes as a way of hyping up a new wrestler (agree with that one), etc. I also suspect a lot of the stupid, unfunny comedy that WWE does here and there would be gone.
  15. Triple H has good ideas that Vince doesn't. The tag team division is one thing, he brought that division back up, and it's a good thing because the tag team division is an amazing division when done right. Bad thing is he doesn't like watching Divas wrestle, so we'll get less of that because of him, which honestly looking at it from now it's no difference. Triple H could be better then what Vince is now for sure.
  16. Why is not liking Divas matches a bad thing?
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