Triple H Verse Brock

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. I can already see it happening. Triple H comes back and is like "We can't give you these demands, you can bully guys like John Laurunites but you can't BULLY ME."

    Triple H and brock rivalry would be epic especially since they've never fought before. Plus, Triple H should put out a better and longer match than cena and lesnar. Considering HHH isn't some big baby face, this feud would be a memorable one.

  2. Need an emoticon for being sick.

    Last thing I want :bury: doing is :shovel:
  3. Makes me want to puke at the sheer mention of it.
  4. Don't listen to Crayo and CM Drunk, they don't know shit about wrasslin.

    HHH vs Brock would be epic. In both ways. If Brock would win, he could be hyped up for him vs Rock. Or, HHH wins and Lesnar is working his ass off to earn his spot in the WWE.
  5. Yeah it would challenge those classic HHH and Nash moments I'm sure.
  6. :gusta:
  7. FuckThatShit

    I can't help but let the smark part of me out when I hear about this potential feud. WHAT IN THE FUCKWOULD THE POINT OF IT BE?!?!?!
  8. [​IMG]

  9. :terry: Nice.

    I don't think it's happening, but if it did, I'd be tempted to strike from watching RAW. But since TNA and SmackDown are on my strike list... I'd be left with nothing :okay:
  10. Oldschool AJPW would easily beat any WWE product.
  11. NXT & Superstars?
  12. I don't really want to see it happening, but then again, who knows.
  13. HHH vs Brock would be epic
  14. I was right. Even about the bully part and not letting him have the demands. Nice prediction, Triple H verse Brock Lesnar @ next PPV. Damn.
  15. If Brock broke Triple H's arm, I doubt it will happen at Over The Limit. But I also doubt they will drag the angle out till Summerslam, though Brock/Triple H is good enough to be on that PPV.

    Either way, this feud could be epic, so long as Triple H doesn't win, of course.
  16. They've fought before but in a triple threat with the Rock.
  17. His arm probs not broken, just hurt like John's.
  18. Did you watch Raw? They mentioned the fact that his arm was 'broken' like 20 times
  19. only triple h said it was broken, commentators only said may be broken, wasn't really paying attention.
  20. yeah i also want that may hhh shut the hell out of lesnar
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