Triple H Versus Jeff Hardy At No Mercy 2008

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 1, 2014.

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  1. I was surfing through some random old matches on Youtube the other day, and came upon this. I had long stopped watching by 2008 so I think I've only seen this once, but I thought I'd post it since it's a pretty entertaining match. It had a good and enjoyable underdog story behind it, with Jeff being the resilient underdog who is hell bent on grabbing the brass ring and proving he can be WWE Champion, and Triple H as the respectable veteran who is challenging Jeff to prove himself as a top player.

    If I can nitpick the match a bit though, I think Jeff should have kicked out of the Pedigree at least once somewhere throughout. Close to the end of the match when he reversed Hunter's pedigree into a Twist of Fate would have been the perfect moment. Say HHH hits the pedigree, Jeff kicks out, then Hunter is caught in the Twist Of Fate only after attempting another Pedigree, and then the match remains the same after that.
  2. Didn't watch at this time so haven't seen this match before. How does that finish kayfabe make sense? Hunter takes Hardy's signature move followed by his finisher and, moments later, counters for the win.
  3. The story was Jeff never being able to win the big one so it made perfect sense IMO he threw everything he could at H to win the title but couldn't quite seal the deal, the roll up kept him looking strong too which helped. I think he lost in a similar way to what you said at Elimination Chamber that year too, don't quote me on that though. He kept getting closer but always just falling short before finally winning the belt at Armagedon, he then lost it to Edge a month later in a clusterfuck with Matt but yeah that's a whole other thread I cba making.
  4. Matches like this make me happy i missed out on these years. Not that it wasn't great at the time, or the build wasnt quality...I just would never have been interested in Hardy vs HHH.
  5. I thought the feud was good for it's time. Kinda lol after the match how they're just laying there. HHH suddenly having the strength to move his body and Hardy not having enough strength just to get his shoulder up.
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  6. Jeff losing this way actually made him look stronger. Losing a match via some type of quick pinfall variation as seen here is always the most protected way to lose a match cleanly since it neither involves you being laid out cold by the opponent's finisher nor being forced to tap out (like a bitch) to a submission hold. Plus, the fact that HHH pulled it out right at the last moment after Jeff hit his signature Swanton Bomb showed that it came a bit out of desperation.
  7. Obviously I know it protects Hardy. Just don't understand how Hunter has the 'energy/power' to do what he did.
  8. This type of match finish isn't exactly uncommon. He got hit with a big move but then used what little bit of energy he had left to seize the moment and pull out the winning maneuver. He was still laid out from exhaustion afterwards.
  9. Unless Hardy is doing a crazy spot he bores me to tears.

    Even the crazy spots I'm just wondering if he will kill himself finally.
  10. Hey man that's mean have some goddamn respect
  11. Did I say I wanted him to kill himself? It is just a likely outcome with the dumb shit he does.

    It is the same reason David Blane was popular, or people tune in for Evil Kanevil stunts or that dude tightroping across the grand canyon.
  12. You told me off the other day for saying I wanted Sheamus to get injured dumbass
  13. No shit sherlock. I never said I wanted to see Hardy injured you fucking moron. Your reading comprehension is dog shit apparently
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  14. I was such a Hardy mark back then
  15. I don't mind him except for his terrible mic skills. He's a rare exception of someone who was crazy over despite not being able to cut a good promo to save his life.
  16. he said it was inevitable that hardy would kill himself, you said you WANTED to see sheamus injured.

    You see the difference buddy, right?
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  17. Bro do you even TNA?
  18. lol No wonder no one watches TNA.
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  19. TNA for cheap entertainment >> WWE with its midget champion
  20. *Cough* Eric Young *Cough
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