Triple H versus Kevin Dunn

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Thought this was interesting. It's no secret that outside of Vince himself, there is hardly anyone that likes or can stand Kevin Dunn. Batista's another guy that's been openly critical of him, and there's been some talks and gossip for awhile that Kevin Dunn may even end up on the chopping block when Hunter and Steph take over (I don't think that'd be a wise move, personally... just keep him away from having any form of creative pull when it comes to making decisions about talent or major storyline developments.) So I guess it's no wonder he's trying to sabotage Triple H's leadership skills (assuming this article has any grain of truth to it, that is), although since there's no other heir to McMahon's throne except his daughter and his son-in-law, he can only play this game for so long. Vince isn't gonna be around forever.

  2. These are great, I'd recommend everyone watched it. Anyway, if this is any true, then I'm with Cornette, because Hunter is great and Dunn is clueless. If he's really trying to sabotage Hunter I hope he fails.
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  3. Dunn is a malignant ****
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  4. :testify:
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  5. Kevin Dunn is a Bucky beaver ****. :adr:
  6. If Jim Cornette had his way and made him choke on his bucky beaver teeth the wrestling business would be in a much better place. Go Triple H! Go Triple H!
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