Triple H vs Brock Lesnar: First Blood ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by nickels55, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Who thinks this would be a great stipulation to this match?? Something I don't think has ever been at Mania.
  2. I don't. It's not special enough of a stipulation for a feud this personal (one that is set to get even more personal if Brock tries to hurt Stephanie, like I think he will) at a Mania. I mean, think about it - if their brawl last week was the beginning of their match, the match would have been over in less than a minute. I'm reaching for the "they hate each other so much that they want to put the other down until they can't get up", which I think points towards another Non-Sanctioned match (nothing wrong with just having this again), a Hell In A Cell or a Last Man Standing match.

    On a another note, I'm so glad Triple H brought back the leather jacket like the old days - combined with the shorter hair, it makes him look even more bad ass.
  3. Blood is banned.
  4. I don't think so. Hell in a Cell, non Sanctioned or something similar works just as well.
  5. 60 minute Iron Man Match
  6. I hope Triple H totally loses and goes back to the psycho he once was....Sledgehammer n all
  7. Can't happen..

    Too much risk of diseases being transfered from one to another..

    Plus, #PG :pity2:
  8. if it wasn't pg, I would love to see that<3
  9. That sounds nice.
  10. Rubbish.....I'm certain every athlete is tested on a regular basis for infectious diseases
  11. lol no, stupid stip is stupid.
  12. If they have the time, Three Stages of Hell would be cool.
    Or as KLockard said, Hell in a Cell or Last Man Standing.
  13. Piss stain and all?
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