News Triple H Welcomes Two New Recruits To The Performance Center

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  1. From WrestlingInc:

    Paul "Triple H" Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative, announced Tuesday that Lovepreet Sangha and Satender, two professional athletes from India, have begun training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

    Sangha is a Kabbadi League Champion and Lead Raider, while Satender is a former wrestling champion.

    They join an international class of 11 recruits from seven countries, including former collegiate athletes, bodybuilders and independent wrestlers, who begun training at the WWE Performance Center in April.

    "The global reach of WWE is reflected in the diversity of this class of NXT recruits," Levesque said of the new class of recruits. "Talent is the most important natural resource we have, and these individuals will have every opportunity to hone their skills and fulfill their dream of becoming a WWE Superstar or Diva at the WWE Performance Center."
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  3. I tried to look up videos of both these guys but couldn't find any.. the first guy looks like he's got a Jinder build the second guy looks like an 80s indian pornstar.
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  4. I support the Indian porn star man. Hope he wrestles only in a towel and flirts with people on Twitter.
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