Triple H's promo and the "Reality Era"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. The reality era discussion has been the topic of the IWC for quite a long time now. It was what we would call the subtle but noticeable changes that have been happening to WWE in recent years. Obviously WWE has taken notice and it was mentioned many times in Triple H's promo -- which I thought was fantastic -- but what does it mean?

    Is this the launch of a new era? Is it simply them naming what has been around for a while? Should we expect any changes? Was it perhaps tongue and cheek and no such era has been launched?

    Also, what did you guys think of Triple H's promo? I've given Stephanie a lot of credit recently but I thought HHH was the better of the two last night.
  2. The -- promo -- sucked -- in -- my -- opinion
  3. What's with the random dashes? And you really thought HHH's promo sucked? Wow.
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  4. It was a great promo indeed. I loved it, was just expecting him to kill Cole at the end, but it's fine. As far as the reality era thing goes, I think it's just a term they're going to throw around to build the match but that isn't going to bring out anything relevant, just like the End of and Era at WM 28.
  5. I think he is trying to be funny saying HHH has poor pacing in his promos.

    Key phrase: trying to be.
  6. Was just mocking this "Triple H's promo -- which I thought was fantastic -- but "
  7. I thought it was aimed at my -- punctuation, but not even Jono is that dumb to mock that. He's a special person.

    Edit: Turns out he is that dumb... What is there to mock? That is 100% correct, lmfao.
  8. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, I just find it hilarious. Don't know why.
  9. I always use two hyphens to equal a dash. Maybe if fucking computers gave me a dash button I'd utilize it properly. Until then, I approve of the two hyphens to equal one dash technique.
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  10. - < A dash
  11. I can't tell if you are saying a hyphen is greater than a dash or if a hyphen is the same thing as a dash.

    Either way, congratulations on being incorrect.

    this is a dash, noob
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  12. Do you sit with a ruler and compare hyphens and dashes in someones post to see if they're longer or shorter to determine which it is? It works just as well.
  13. I just have eyes that work and can easily spot the difference between the two. They are two distinct symbols in grammar used for two different things.
  14. And is technically incorrect. You're embarrassing yourself, just stop.
  15. Anywho, try to steer this back on topic, I never really understood the point of trying to dub this the 'reality era'. Why, because they use twitter now and CM Punk called HHH Paul? Its a stretch at best. What has been "real" about any of the feuds going on in 2014? Its just pro wrestling lol. The Summer of Punk 'shooting' on things was the only real dose of reality I've noticed, and that jumped the shark almost immediately as well.

    In fact, I'd say Daniel Bryan being the top guy is about as far removed from "reality" as we could be, lolz. :umad:
  16. One reply before the thread was hijacked, what a record.

    I think it was a great promo, although I am unsure of the extent of what the reality era will include.
  17. At least Jonathan understands the difference between hyphens and dashes now. I feel I've really done a lot of good today, and it isn't even noon yet.
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  18. Conglaturations.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I thought the promo was excellent. Only time will tell if the acknowledgement of a "reality era" is just for the Mania build or if it's a new phase of WWE programming.

    Of course, as Dolph's points out, even if this is a new Reality Era in WWE, it's still the WWE, which means that the reality we get will still be strongly worked. This doesn't change anything from the viewer's point. It just means, theoretically, that the storylines will be more realistic. What that means from a programming standpoint, I can't tell you yet.

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