Triple Threat Dream match

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  1. CM Punk

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  2. John Cena

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  3. The Rock

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  1. Who would win in Triple Threat between CM Punk vs John Cena vs The Rock
  2. CM Punk. the rock doesn't need to win. He'd simply be in the match to draw viewers and to seem like a superman opponent that can't be beaten. Cena already wins too much and wouldn't gain anything from winning. CM Punk is the most deserving from them all and winning cleanly in a match like this would benefit his career so much!
  3. Whoever WWE books to win.
  4. :downer:
  5. The Rock. :obama:
  6. According to #WWELogic, the best options would be to make the part-timer win over the two biggest stars of the industry, or maybe the face or the industry who doesn't need a push. Never the guy who needs to take that one last step to be solidified.
  7. If this was one year ago I'd pick Punk but as of late his whole respect gimmick is boring. I think this is his most generic and tiresome gimmick from his entire WWE career.
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