Payback Triple Threat For The WWE World Heavyweight Title At Payback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 21, 2015.

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  2. Really weird choice for a main event next month. It really does Reigns no favors to continue booking him in these multi-man championship matches (last year's MITB and Battleground, and now this) if he isn't actually gonna win the title. No matter how often they have him avoid taking the pinfall (Wrestlemania notwithstanding since that was a cash-in), going after the championship enough times and failing to win it each and every time makes you a choke artist.

    There is, of course, the possibility that Reigns will actually win the championship in this match at Payback, but taking the title off of Seth this soon after winning it would be preposterous.

    I honestly thought when I saw the thread title that it would say the main event would be Rollins vs Orton vs Kane (which would then transition into Rollins vs Kane afterwards.) Not that that would necessarily be better, but it'd at least make more sense storyline wise given the recent turn of events concerning Kane being fed up with Seth's bullshit. I figure it'll be Summerslam at the earliest before Reigns gets another shot at the title (Rollins vs Lesnar vs Reigns), let alone have a realistic chance of winning it from a booking standpoint.
  3. Yeah, I would keep Reigns away from the belt for a while (ALSO AWAY FROM THE BIG SHOW). Really don't think it'll do him any favors, nor would it be that great of a match (not that it'd be bad). They could go for a fresh challenger here (I'd say Ziggler if it wasn't for... you know).
  4. And yet they decided to book Reigns vs Show for ER, knowing that it's being held in Chicago (?) in front of the most hostile, rowdy crowds.
    They're gonna be shitting all over 'em throughout the match.
    I feel bad for Reigns.
  5. Yeah, I mean, they have good intentions with Reigns but they're booking him badly. In fact, the crowd burying the match will only make it worse.
  6. Yeah. Fuck WWE for thinking that feuding with Big Show nowadays is all the rage.
  7. Kane vs Seth vs Roman vs Randy vs Jamie Noble vs Joey Mercury.. winner = JAMIE NOBLE.
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  8. Yeah I love my home city :emoji_slight_smile:

    But apart from that, I hadn't considered that. I feel bad for Reigns too but one thing to keep in mind is that Chicago fans really hate Show. Maybe if Reigns annihilates Show it will look good for him.

    Actually though, if the match is extremely (pun appropriate but unintended) brutal, it will go a long way to get the fans behind him. We definitely appreciate a excessively violent match more than anything else in this city.

    Anyhow, the crowd will likely just keep chanting for CM Punk that they won't notice Reigns or Show at all.
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  9. The shit are you tagging me for? You should quote me next time, then copy paste it onto a different thread if that's cool. I have 0 clue what random dislikes I give out. I give D'z or Balor one nearly every time I sign in.
  10. Just was addressing the only rating that you gave me on this thread on a joke I made about shitty current WWE booking styles, not sure how I would "quote" a rating though.
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  11. I didn't mean it as an asshole reply, I just mean quote yourself...I wasn't sure what you were referring to.
  12. The ring announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Last Man Standing match!"

  13. Wow, Vince really wants Roman in the title picture...
  14. I actually think Reigns should be in the title picture, but I think the WWEWHC is a bad place for him at this point unless you're going to turn him heel and put the title on him.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again: putting a lower singles title on him would be smart. On Monday, have Roman answer Cena's US Title challenge and win by countout or disqualification (or have him win the damn thing outright....that's cool with me) and set up a feud between Reigns and Cena over the US Title. In the end, have Cena win and set up a situation where Roman (now with a head of steam coming out of that feud) contests for the WWEWHC. Alternatively, same song but with the IC Title. Reigns needs a big feud with a big name and Cena and Bryan are the two biggest names on the show right now. And don't worry about the face-vs.-face'll work itself out (they can be fighting for the "love of competition" or "because they're great sports" or some such).

    Reigns, like it or not (and I'm not happy about it personally, for the record), suffered some damage due to the crowd reaction after his Rumble win and it only got worse when he went over Bryan at Fast Lane. Add that to the growing popularity of Lesnar due to his re-signing loudly and publicly with the WWE and you had a recipe for Reigns being treated like a heel by the crowd and the fans wanting to see Lesnar kick his ass. And, in case you didn't notice, they were madder about Rollins beating Lesnar than they were about Rollins beating Reigns.

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  15. Well, the Cena rivalry would work in just turning him heel. I know what happened at the rumble and mania but I've been a Rollins mark since, I didn't care if Lesnar resigned or not I wanted to see Seth leave with the belt
  16. Fair point.

    Of course, I'm a fan of a good heel. I've thought about getting Ric Flair's face tattooed on my arm or something.

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  17. I absolutely agree. I'm not the hugest fan of Reigns but he definitely belongs in the title picture. With the whole situation regarding Reigns in the end of 2014 and up to Wrestlemania, the man was completely a victim of circumstance. Not having him win at Wrestlemania was one thing, but completely removing him from the title picture doesn't make much sense.

    I know there has been a lot of talk about turning him heel, but I think putting the IC or US title on him would work as well. Razor Ramon's long IC title dominance in 1993 and 1994 did wonders for Scott Hall. And face vs face matches, more often than not, get huge positive response from the crowds.
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  18. For now, unless reigns is going to win the belt, he needs to be feuding with bray. Or, have him actually competing at the mod card level for the championships.

    Hell, even if he won the IC or US title for like 2-3 months and then lost it because someone cheated, etc. I feel this would be better for reigns at this point.

    If they're going to let reigns win.... They might as well do it at payback, otherwise he will continue to get buried.

    Welcome to the next cena movement, folks :emoji_slight_smile:
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