Kayfabe Triple Threat.

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  1. *Antonio is standing backstage as Alex runs up to him*
    Oh, Hey Alex, what's up, you look stressed mate
    Nah, nah I'm fine, you're the one who should be stressed though
    Why on earth should I be stressed, I have absolutely nothing to worry about I'm happy on the PS4 and having a great time playing as myself, why should I be stressed Alex?
    Well maybe if you didn't spend all your time on that God dam thing you'd know but anyway. You have a triple threat on Precision this week, maybe you should stop playing ps4 and you would know about it.
    Who have I got then?
    You've got Bill Bronson, the European Champion and you've got Alice Xander two brillaint athletes

    Oh for god sake, I thought management liked me?
    I mean I should be fighting the best but not in triple threats one on one

    Yeah but sometimes you don't get what you want
    Antonio looks shocked at the answer and then Anarchist walks in the room
    Hey son, just wanted to wish you luck in the triple threat, one piece of advice from an old bugger in myself, try and pin the Champ, then you can protest you've beaten the champ
    Thanks Dad, how's everything

    Everything is fine but you need to worry about that triple threat we will talk later
    Alex runs up to Anarchist and shakes his hand
    Thank you sir such a pleasure

    Erm hello, ohhhhh I know you you're that kid I pay for Antonio to do anything for but I gotta rush bye guys
    The camera fades black ending the segment
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