Trips discusses this week's issues

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Here's the video if you wanna check it out, it's worth a watch:

    I love the way Triple H has been playing his heel persona lately, he's at his best whenever he plays the bad guy imo.
  2. "No, geeks, I didn't get the Shield to attack CM Punk, I'm too busy setting up Cena and Orton"

    This dude KNOWS how to get heat, and it's so simple. That's perfect.

    So Bryan's not coming out in a suit? Half-dammit. On one hand I was looking forward to Corporate Bryan, proving that the Wyatts are kidnapping people and brainwashing people to fight the Authority. On the other hand, Corporate Wyatts = meh, and Bryan staying as an antihero also sounds good. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Bryan is an anti-hero? Last I checked he was a regular hero.
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  4. CM Punk is more of an "anti-hero"
  5. nope. Punk is anti authority. An anti hero is a morally dubious character that still ends up doing the right thing. Punk is despite his rugged exterior a clean cut babyface.
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  6. I suppose thats true. So, in your definition, does the WWE have any anti-heroes right now?
  7. No. Not that springs to mind now that I think about it. But it makes sense. This era in itself doesn't seem to fit one. Its all very black and white, clear cut villain and clear cut good guy. The attitude era was 50 shades of grey, so anti heroes worked.
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  8. Well, Punk and Bryan going after the authority makes sense. It's cool that they set it up with each trio going after one guy to make it seem less suspicious. Plus, the Wyatt thing, they don't really have to be corporate if it's revealed that HHH got them to attack DB. Back when it was revealed that the Shield attacked Ryback because Heyman told them so didn't kill that aura of the Shield that they were outsider vigilantes or something like that, so if it's revealed that the Authority was indeed in cahoots with the Wyatts, Bray will explain it in some way probably mentioning a talking doorknob or something ( @Rainman ) and we'll all mark.
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