TLC Trips promises a champion of champions at TLC

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  2. At a time when the fans know that virtually nothing means anything (or means the opposite) in wrestling, it's great to know that a word still holds water. Congrats to the word "Guarantee".
  3. I read earlier today that the whole title swap was actually their originally planned ending and only in the last week have they decided to change it since fans called it so easily. Supposedly, they still don't know for sure what the conclusion of the match will be.

    I'm still undecided whether they'll go through with a unification here or do the title switch and draw the actual unification out to either the Rumble or Wrestlemania.
  4. It doesn't make sense. If they want to encourage those fans who are sceptical about a dirty finish to buy the PPV, then have one title (whether it be the WWE/World/Unified) above the ring. Otherwise, I'm convinced they'll each grab a belt and Hunter, Cena, and Orton will sell it as an incredible, extraordinary moment.

    Now they've mentioned unification, there's no way they can drag out that match at Mania. It'll happen at the Rumble, IMO.
  5. IT's simple. Vacant will walk out with the belts he deserves. WWE just loves to push him this year. :tough:
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  6. Vacant holding both the TNA and WWE belt at the same time? Talk about Unification
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  7. Triple H and Stephanie sit at ringside during the match. Match goes on for 40+ minutes, with many near-grabs. After they both knock the belts off and fight on top of them, Stephanie says "fuck this", grabs both belts and runs backstage.

    This would be seriously awesome.
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  8. Or......both Orton and Cena are knocked out...and.....AJ STYLES CLIMBS THE LADDER AND GRABS THE BELTS THEN RUNS OFF

    Show Spoiler
    Will never happen, but a boy can dreammmm
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  9. THAT would be something to see, and quite the swerve. Never say never bro
  10. Why do we all just assume that seeing the same story again would be bad...or boring for that matter?

    Okay, maybe the fans called the title switch. Maybe it's too obvious that each guy would grab one belt and, somehow, Cena would walk out as WHC and Orton would walk out as WWEC (or really doesn't matter). So what?

    How many times have you been honestly shocked when the good guy won the fight at the end of the movie? Were any of us surprised that the Ewoks actually beat the Stormtroopers or that Captain Kirk and the crew found a way to defeat the "unbeatable superhuman" Khan? We knew these things, no matter how improbable they appeared, would happen. We knew that, in the end, the good guys would win.

    My point is that it's not always the end of the story (or the end of the match) that matters. We get lost in worrying about the ending and we forget to enjoy the way they get to it. I was very unhappy when CM Punk lost the WWE Championship to the Rock. Then I went back and watched the match know was a really good match, especially when you consider that one of the guys involved wasn't even a part-time wrestler....he's an ex-wrestler-turned actor. With all of that reality, it was a terrific match.

    Let me posit an idea. Whether they are your favorites or your favorite guys to hate, Randy Orton and John Cena are terrific entertainers in the ring. They're going to go out there and bust their asses to put on the best show they can. And you know what? They're probably going to succeed. They've got some of the best chemistry in the business when it comes to the physical aspect of pro wrestling. Add to that the tremendous amounts of improvement both of these guys have shown in the last couple of years in the various aspects of the game. Orton still isn't all that exciting on the mic. Cena's still an overly-cheesy, corny, kid-friendly babyface. But they both know how to work and they're going to perform for us. If Cena walks out the Unified WWE Champion, that's fine. If Orton walks out as Champion, that's fine. If there's some kind of swerve and they both maintain the status quo, that's fine, too.

    For once, let's just sit back, watch, and enjoy the spectacle without being assholes about it.

    That's all.

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  11. posts like this should be punishable by firing squad
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  12. I didn't guarantee shit.

    Oh, wait..........
  13. there has to be a winner, they already shit the bed in 2 out of the last 3 ppv's. No way this ends without Cena holding the belt, and no one will give one single fuck outside of the 12 year old whose ticket was paid for by mom.

    WWE's shit has been dogshit lately.
  14. you can dress your shit up, and tell everyone it's pretty, but at the end of the day it's still just a big piece of shit.
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  15. WWE: polishing turds since 1952
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  16. You guys are right. WWE sucks. Screw it. Let's stop watching.

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  17. only if we start making live discussions for dancing with the stars. Bill Nye, the science guy.
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  18. There is a middle ground between fuck this lets stop watching (though I sort of already do during NFL season) and gee wiz this is great lets accept it and not complain at all!
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  19. Let's watch My Little Pony! Something more manly then sweaty men getting on top of each either :tough:
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  20. Already have. #hip
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