Trish Stratus' Ugly Ass Husband

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. After reading Senhor's thread about Trish's husband getting booed I decided to google him and see what he looked like. No homo but you would figure this guy would be like some eurofag underwear model. No, this nigga ugly as fuck. I mean god damn, he looks like Vince Vaughn's brother.

    I am just completely outraged that a hot chick like Trish hooked up with a guy like that. I know it sounds mean and someone is bound to tell me to stfu, but c'mon you got to admit that Trish can do better than that guy.

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    smile for the camera hun
    no I have no soul​
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  2. Lol'd at your caption, lmao.
  3. I could be wrong but I think I read he comes from a lot of money. I also think they were together before she got really famous. Could be a case where she knew he didn't want her for her money or fame so she held onto him.
  4. Come on, looks like a stupid purple ass, I'd vomit at his face
  5. He must support her scat addiction.
  6. as long as he is good to her, and everything it really shouldn't matter what he looks like. I'm a girl and I can give two craps about looks until they start being careless, like poor hygiene.
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  7. This. I was thinking she said something about them being high school sweethearts, and him supporting her / being there throughout her career. I don't know what she looked like in her high school days, but I'm sure that meant more to her than how he looked or how he looks now.
  8. He probably has a big peen
  9. Well, looks aren't's natural to look at a couple and think 'Jesus Christ, what the fuck were they thinking?' when you see a hot girl with an ugly guy or a stud with a fucking whale, but, they obviously have love in there, so, kudos to them.

    It just makes you think of how much good looking, fit ass you would get if you looked like that. If I looked like Trish, I'd be a huge slut.

  10. i free if trish chice to leave him! :pipebomb: [​IMG]
  11. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?
  12. Happens all the time, bruh.
  13. @Farooq DId she make scat tapes i would like to see them?:otunga:

    He might be a nice person though and treats her right.
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