SummerSlam Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair.. will it happen?

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It’s called surgery and money
If Charlotte wins that’ll be cool. Or Trish could pull an upset victory and then have a rematch at mania where Charlotte wins?
I think a Match between Trish and Charolette would be Interesting. Although, I have a feeling that Char would probably come out the Winner. My Opinion though. I'd be willing to bet 100 credits that Charollette would win.
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Trish is being advertised for Smackdown this Tuesday so this is definitely going to happen
I wonder if Trish will have a "warm up" match on SDL or RAW before Survivor Series?

Trish & Liv Morgan vs. Charlotte & Sonya/Mandy?

I don't know...I have no idea who is a face or heel anymore.

& its a shame Mickie James is out injured as she could played some kind of role in
this "story" & by "story" I mean a rushed 3 week build.

Grievous 3D

Is Happy To be "The Bad Guy"
You know I should have picked up on this months ago.

I collect the WWE women's pop vinyls and a few months
ago the latest wave went on pre-order...& in that wave
was Becky Lynch (not wearing that stupid "The Man" shirt)

Trish Stratus...

At the time I did think it was weird that a "Legend" was
getting a pop vinyl over the other women on the roster...
(honestly I thought Carmella would have been next in
line) but the timing for this Pop Vinyl release & Trish
appearing at SummerSlam means this was planned
months ago.

Kudos to WWE for keeping it a "secret" for so long.

Also...Yes I do have the Blue Robe Charlotte Flair pop...
because of course I do.

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