Triumphant Return at Live Event!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. Brad Maddox came back at #WWEMacon yesterday.

    After gathering information from the TwitterSphere: He came out and cut a promo about how the WWE made him an offer to come back but he has to start at the bottom and make his way up to the top. He got cut off by Ryder which actually got a pop supposedly. He lost to Ryder. Demanded one more match. Khali came out and beat him.

    I cry.

    Screw Khali & Ryder but if they would actually do this on television, it would make for some good stuff. Maybe, they could actually do something where he slowly goes up the ladder after having a huge losing streak. Wins IC title & stuff.... wins MITB. Becomes World Champ. Fulfill's Jwab's dream.
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  2. I knew it was gonna be Maddox when I opened this thread :win:
  3. YESSSS Brad Maddox is in the house (show). See what I did there? :woohoo:

    Although I hope this is him warming up for a full-time return to the ring. They should totally reference him being stuck in a cave. And I'd like to see a Lone Wolf/angry Arrow type of character that happens to be a bit goofy when he steps in the ring. THEN HE HITS THEM WITH THE "DEAL BREAKER" WHICH IS AN AMAZING FINISHER. :yeah:
  4. Yes this was a HUGE triumphant return...

    Nobody saw it.
  5. Maddox has found his way back from the caves, I'm truly interested on how they proceed with his storyline from here on out.. He was very interesting at the GM on RAW!
  6. Good news! Can't wait to see him on the main show. Hopefully he won't be a jobber.
  7. Maddox is alright.
  8. So losing to two jobbers in a house show counts as triumphant theses day's?

    If so then congrats Maddox.
  9. Losing to the likes of Ryder and Khali doesn't really count. :jeritroll:
  10. He never triumphed though. Thread title was misleading.
  11. You obviously don't know what humor is...
  12. Despite people at the house show watching it happen...How Blind are you to not notice them?
  13. You know who wasn't at this House Show? Hulk Hogan. Know who else? Stone Cold Steve Austin. Guess who else The Rock. There was no Andre or Bruno either. The WWE saw they didn't need any of this star power because a legend is born today, he's no longer a myth he is now an icon. His name is Brad Maddox now see him triumph.
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  14. Brad Maddox sucks. Truth.
  15. Lockard, I like you sometimes but this kind of steps over the line. Especially when he is really awesome. Don't be a **** god dammit.

    I will fucking end you.
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  16. \_________/
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  17. Lmao at all the people jobbing out Maddox, Jwab's idol, in this thread.

    Jwab right now: [​IMG] ..... But srsly, I actually like Maddox, not loads but I would like to see him on TV more than quite a few people are on RAW atm.
  18. At least he found his way out of his closet.

  19. Dude actually cut a good promo
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