Trophy Presentation Day Scottish League One

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Scott78, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Right first of all youse can all get your laughing out lol

    Currently on my way to Ibrox Park to see Rangers getting presented with the Scottish League One Trophy.

    Not the most prestige of titles to win but can only win whats infront of you. Trophys a trophy.

    See a lot of fans on here of what can be classed bigger clubs any fans of soccer/football teams outwith top divisions??
  2. Good point. Shame about the league and Scottish cup, though :emoji_wink:
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  3. To be fair you could have done better with the cups, considering your teams standing e.g. First XI ability, even in comparison with most First division clubs.
    Congrats regardless!

    I myself follow a Welsh team from Welsh League Division Three (Barry Town, that team that drew 3-3 with Aberdeen and beat Porto 3-1 in Europe), they secured promotion a couple of weeks ago and are now chasing the title.
    They were almost killed off last summer but the Supporters Committe saved it, respect to them!

    I can appreciate you sticking with Rangers though, instead of running off to Motherwell or Hibs.
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  4. Add ramsdens to that. Thats one thing that gets me this season id rather won that than even got to scottish cup semi. Reason say that is If we win the championship next year also but dont win the ramsdens also for such a big side never to have won it in three years embarrassing and cant say weve won every domestic trophy weve played in anymore. Well was embarrassing anyway way we played in final this year.
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  5. Just had a wee nose at the league, two games in hand which helpful but i know nothing of the opponents, you confident can get the points needed for the title?? If someone had asked me what league barry where in id never said anything rather than being a top division team as remember couple european games.
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  6. We can do it, we got players at a high standard who are experienced, but our injuries are a pain.

    Chesterfield has a great effect on the players and can bring out the title winning form out of them.
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