Trouble in the paradise that is Triple H and Vinnie Mac?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 6, 2012.

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  2. HHH is more effective as a heel indeed. He should be a heel. I just hope that there's no big tension between the two, and that they work it out.
  3. They should have a "hug it out" match
  4. I'm calling BS. Mainly because I don't think HHH is stupid enough to turn his character heel in a feud clearly built around Brock Lesnar being a selfish destructive heel and HHH being the sympathy fight-for-what's-right baby face. It's too late for the heel turn now. HHH's heel turn needs to be as a dictator GM or something.
  5. I also think that it would make no sense for HHH to turn during this feud, but this disagreement may have been looming before the feud started.
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  7. :lol1: Oh, I see.
  8. Let Triple H turn badass heel. VInce you stupid Mother F*cker.
  9. Do you think so Tidus?
  10. HHH vs Vince at Wrestlemania 29 winner takes control of the company book it
  11. :ohgod: No.

  12. HHH vs Vince? :urm:
  13. This This This

    Please let this happen..
  14. Triple H has wanted to turn heel for awhile, but Vince and Stephanie have been the ones to always convince him to stay babyface. I think that rumor started all the way back in 2009. I personally don't care at this point, considering Triple H barely even wrestles, and it's possible that he is similar to HBK and Undertaker now, in the sense that fans may respect him as a 'legend' too much to ever boo him again.
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