Troy Baker nails the Joker

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. Such a damn good voice actor.
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  2. My god was that awesome.
  3. His Joker voice sounds like a variation of the Mark Hamill voice, which is fitting, I guess.
  4. Its supposed to be a younger version of the Hamill Joker. Since Arkham Origins is a prequel.
  5. Did someone say luke skywalker?
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  6. Yeah, that's what I meant lol.
  7. The dude is also the voice of Booker in Bioshock infinite and Joel in Last of us. Dude is talented as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  8. Oh shit yeah, only just remembered that, daym, dude's been in a lot of cool stuff.
  9. Saw this earlier in the week. I was worried when Hamill wasn't doing it, but my worries are now relived, excellent monologue.
  10. This game is fucking tits, I love it, just like I love Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I don't care that not much has changed, it was awesome to begin with. If It ain't broke, don't fix it. Huge Riddler fan, absolutely lost my shit (again) when I saw him. Marked like a fucking 12 year old. HE MAKES ME SO WET. Plus, Bruce Wayne in the batsuit, mask off. My body can not handle the orgasms.
  12. Holy hell,that was amazing. I have yet to get the game but I want it sooo bad.:sad:
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    It is AWESOME, I ended up playing for like 13 hours without even realizing it. I started sometime yesterday afternoon and finally went to bed at 5am, it was ridiculous. There are CSI type scenes where you get to reverse and fast forward a scene to figure out what happened. There is a twist in the game as well. Going to start again today. Good thing it's shitty and cold outside, makes for good video game weekends.

    I have the collector's edition, it's absolutely insane what you get with it. There's a tooth and casino chip in evidence bags, a package with a Batman wanted poster and a bunch of police files on characters, a Wayne family picture, an Anarchy logo stencil, a book, a glow in the dark map of Gotham City, batwing prototype blueprint, and an awesome Joker statue with an LED background and a hidden item in a small bag that has a spoiler warning to not open it until you finish the game. The Joker statue is amazing.

    EDIT: Here is the Joker statue with the TVs turned on. I have pictures of all the stuff I got but they are on my phone and I haven't loaded them to my computer yet. I also have a picture on it with the TVs on and the lights off.

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  14. Dammit,I'm so jealous. I don't think I will be able to get it for another week or so sadly. Also,how much was the collector's edition? The Joker statue would be soo tight to have.
  15. I added the statue to my previous post.

    The CE is $119, but well worth it. Forgot to add that it also comes with a Blu-ray DVD about the villains as well. When I upload the rest of my pictures, I will post them here.
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    Darn,119$? I don't I'll be able to afford the Collectors Edition. Also,you should definitely write a sort of mini-review on the game when you post your pictures.
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  17. That's an awesome idea, I will do that, thanks for the idea <3
  18. This guy does a good Young Hamill Joker, but I can't get Hamill's voice out of my head xD!
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