True fans discriminated agaisnt at RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Idiot #1, Nov 12, 2014.

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  1. I read n another forum that a lad was told to shut up at Raw for chanting loudly by another audience member

    Whats that all about. A honest smart wrestling fan told to shut up. what the game there/. I have had it at shows, people telling me to calm down, self rightious ego manical pricks.

    Something needs to be done. The smartest fans are being victimised. What do you want, a bunch of lilly livered ****s chanting for johnny c
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  2. That basically what the WWE wants, yeah.
  3. Explain? I haven't heard of this o.o
  4. Stop being so lily livered lad, just tell them you'll spark them out, or ask them what hand they wipe their arse with. I thought a lad like you could take some mean words from a geek
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  5. I'm sorry to say this because this is off-topic, but I had to: Your sig just shows why you're a massive ****. There's a reason why people hate you, and now I know why. smh
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  6. If I didn't know any better, I'd imagine it was you who was told to STFU.
    I actually dig the thread, though.
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  7. Johnny C?
  8. Get over yourselves. lol
  9. it was on another forum

    some lad was chanting, and another lad told him to shut up
  10. shut up, retard.
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  11. That's kind of ironic, coming from you. :happy:
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  12. This is far too vague a statement to even base opinions on. What was this person chanting anyway?
  13. It doesn't matter what he was chanting.

  14. If this was even a real situation.

    But I'd disagree with that, but whatever.
  15. Yeah, people need to get over themselves.
  16. Well this is a waste of time, clearly.
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  17. the lad was chanting "Ecw"

    whats the problem there. people need to stop being more live and let live.
  18. That is a pretty dumb thing to get cross about.
  19. So we are now making threads to discuss topics discussed on other forums? WTF? :dafuq:
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  20. hmm ok

    I hope you at least saw the sig that he had, since he changed it now.
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