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  1. Name:Jose DeJesus aka HoHo or Kassius HoHo
    Favourite Superstar & Why: It has to be C.M Punk I love what he represents not only in the Wrestling business, but outside of it.I'm also straight edge and it's not be cool, but I also have a life to where I'm clean from drugs and alcohol and in a age of Wrestling right now when Fans love to bash Wrestling for Drug use, Punk shows the right way and how to act within the business
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling:Since 90, so I was two.Clearly I still remember sitting by the Tv, with one of my baby brothers and my Mother.She was flipping through the channels, and I saw Ric Flair screaming telling the world Sting could only get fans with girls in training bras.Since then I haven't loss my thirst for the industry.
    Favourite Wrestling Company:WWE
    How did you find the site?Well I was a known member of the newly down Machinima Palooza and were suppose to merge, but I thought to myself how can I let my MP brothas have all the fun here.
    Will I be active here:You bet your ass, I will be especially during Live Discussions for shows.
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  2. Welcome, HoHo!
  3. Hey there Rants, can't wait to see the other MP brothas later.
  4. Hello Hoho :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. I joined this site for the MP brothas, hopefully we get more to join.
  6. Welcome buddy, I trust you!
  7. Thanks, can I say I have a great reputation in the forums I'm apart of, and hope to keep that going here lol.
  8. I do think you will, I was in MP when I started watching people joining from there just to see how was it and saw you were a good known member there :gusta:
  9. Appreciate the kind words.
  10. Hey what's up! As for cigarettes and weed, I think it's a bit overrated. I tried it last month and was like, ehn. So if you feel the need to ever do those, come back to this thread and read my thoughts. lol

    Enjoy WWEF, your new home!
  11. Well I'm the only one in my family besides my 13 year brother who hasn't some kind of drug or drank Alcohol.I hate the smell and you look like a fool when you use them, and if I ever had one beer I would get drunk just like that considering my body isn't used to it lol.
  12. Welcome to the forums Jesus, nice to meet you.
  13. Damn Farooq is that pic in your avatar a pic of you, you look like Jesus
  14. Hey HoHo My Brotha for LD'S!
  15. Don't worry I'll there from here on out for LD's here.Time to light it up, going for 100 post by the end of the week lol.
  16. Yeah, I'm just sitting down here in my Jesus Christ pose.
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  17. Memba me?
  18. KASSIUS HOHO! Ma man!
  19. Either way I'm jealous of that guy's hair, he must get all the ladies..
  20. Ehn, I was always in a mind set that when people drank or used drugs it was to be cool in school. Then I thought later on in life it might affect your future after school is done. One of the major reasons I didn't take it back in the day.