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  1. *After the pyrotechnics go off to begin the show, Will Neilson's music hits and he comes out in a pair of jeans, adidas trainers and a referee shirt. The crowd cheer, as Will begins to walk down the ramp, hands in his pockets. Before entering the ring he starts to pipe the crowd up a bit, and they do, cheering even louder but not extremely loud enough for it to be heard everywhere. Neilson climbs in the ring and grabs a nearby microphone, he tests it by hitting it on his head a few times and then begins to speak.*

    Will: Your all probably wondering why I'm wearing a referee shirt.... I ain't quit my job as a wrestler just to become a zebra... no, no, no... I got chosen to be the... "Special Guest" referee for a match tonight. I'll take it, I technically get the night off. The match I will be "Special Guest" refereeing will be between.... wait a minute. *Will reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper, he opens it up.* Match 1... Tony Stark vs. Chris Parks - Special Guest Referee yours truly. Daaaaayum. That's pretty sweet wouldn't you say guys?

    *The crowd cheer for the match being announced both competitors Will knows all too well, he walks around the ring a bit, before scrumping the paper up and chucking it into the crowd.*

    Will: Merry Christmas, enjoy your gift... onto the "privileges" I have been given. They can't attack me or they get DQ'd, simple enough... a fucking donut could understand that. And... that's it, just act normal and shit and don't fast count. Now we get to the competitors.... from the nearby hair salon and tattoo parlour, ANTONIOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stark! And let's not forget... from the nearby mental asylum, weighing in at about 400 pounds... HARAM... I mean Chris Parks! Both I know too well, both I have fought... both I have beat. As said before, I will try and be as fair as I can, but if someone gets in my way... you'll be on the receiving end of a 'Neilson Clash'.

    *The timekeeper calls Will over and explains the match is about to start, the ring announcer gets in position... for about 10 seconds before Will pushes him out the way and says to him 'I'm the ring announcer now... not permenantly of course..' Will brings out another piece of paper and begins to read.'

    Will: The following contest is scheduled for one fall an...

    *Will is interrupted by a theme music from Tony Stark/Chris Parks, he tilts his head sideways and just stares at the ramp awaiting the competitor.*


    @The Anarchist @ChrisPBacon69

    I tried to get into the spirit a bit... not really feeling up to do trying to do a really thought out promo.. so I kinda rushed this one.
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  2. *Chris suddenly appears from the red smoke on the ramp. With a mic in hand Chris looks up and begins to speak*
    First of all, I'm not 400 pounds like come on I'm not that big. I don't care what you say or if you're the ref I will destroy anyone who stands in my way. DQ me or do whatever you want but I'm making sure that at least one person involved in this match isn't walking out without taking some big hits, so whether that's you or Tony someone is gonna get hurt. If you remember Will, the last time we met I broke you and destroyed you and the same as Tony so neither of you can really talk much about having the power.
    *Chris jumps on to the apron and jumps over the top rope and into the ring*
    Well I'm here, you're here lets do this! Oh wait there's another "challenger" still to come out.
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  3. Tony Starks music begins to play with a reception of cheers from the crowd. After about 30 seconds he walks on to the stage with a mic and begins to speak with his theme playing in the background.

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome his opposition, from the wonderful state of florida weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds. THE ANARCHIST TONY STARRRKKKKKKK
    The crowd cheer and slightly laugh at the announcement. Tony walks to the ring. He gets to the steps hits them and walks up onto the apron but not into the ring. He Stands there for another 10 seconds and begins to speak
    Will, Will, Will. You keep talking about being trustworthy and gonna call this match down the middle but let's be honest my old friend. I don't think that is gonna happen. I really don't. You know that briefcase that you're carrying around, well it's really going to your head let's be honest, you're not the same as you used to be you're changing. Changing for the worse but however if you don't call this match down the middle. I rest assure I will kick your god damn head off. Just like last week
    Will looks slightly pissed at these comments. Chris turns to Tony and quickly pulls him into the ring and the bell rings
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