Truth in Anger?

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  1. People have said a person's true colors come out when they are pushed to a point of anger.
    Do you BOlieve (lolol I had to) this is true?
    Yes/No explain
  2. Yes, when angry the mind functions on pure impulse... thus why, many times, you later apologize for saying things you "didn't really mean to say". In truth though, you meant to say those things, but you never wanted to say those things.
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  3. :obama:

    Yeah I get that. Make sense.
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  4. It really depends on what a person is getting worked up about. In most cases I'd agree that a person lets their true feelings out when they're in a moment of extreme anger (same as when they're drunk off their ass... the old saying "The drunk man says what the sober man won't" comes to mind), but this isn't always the case. There are moments when a person can end up so infuriated and frustrated over something that they become akin to being temporary insane, where they fly off the handle and transform into a seemingly whole different person for a very short time. There's been situations where a person has calmed down afterwards and become shocked by their own behavior when they look back on it.
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  5. Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)

    Episodes of impulsive behavior that result in serious damage to either persons or property, wherein the degree of the aggressiveness is grossly disproportionate to the circumstances or provocation, and the episodic violence cannot be better accounted for by another mental or physical medical condition

    One of my cousins was diagnosed with this.... I don't even want to go near his ass at all. He can't function in society. It's pretty sad.
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  6. No I just tell people I hate them even if I'm happy. Providing I hate them of course.
  7. I should hope you don't want to go near your cousins ass :urm:
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  8. No, but I was waiting for an opportunity to tell you that I want to go near yours. *wink wink*
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