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    Death grip and strangle hold are two nouns that you could easily use when discussing Truth Martini and the Ring of Honor World Television Championship.

    Truth Martini and The House of Truth’s strangle hold on the Ring of Honor World Television Championship began on April 2, 2011. On that day the then reigning World Television Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels shocked the world by taking Martini on as his manager. Inheriting Daniels as champion, Truth got a taste of managing the World Television Champion for 85 days before Daniels lost it.

    Nearly a year later on March 31, 2012 Martini directly led “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong to the ROH World Television championship with a victory over Jay Lethal. Like the butterfly effect, Strong and Martini created history that still resonates today.

    The self proclaimed Life Intervention Expert, can lay claims to many things, Martini has managed an ROH World Champion and molded future world champions, but his legacy right now is tied into the ROH World Television championship.

    He has managed 4 men in total to the championship. Out of the last 5 ROH World Television Champions, 3 of them where managed by Martini. In that time span the championship has spent 357 days held by someone not in the HOT. Between the 4 champions Truth’s leadership has lead to a very impressive 640+ days reign over title and the days keep adding up.

    Martini's third ROH World Television Champion was Matt Taven. Under his guidance, Taven set the record for longest single reign at 287 days as ROH World Television Champion. When Taven’s reign ended in December of 2013, Truth appeared to already be setting the plan in motion to welcome Jay Lethal to the House of Truth.

    With Lethal now under the tutelage of Martini, He was lead to the HOT’s 4th World Television championship since 2011. What is more impressive is Lethal’s current individual records. He is the only 2 time ROH World Television Champion. He has held the championship the longest, when you include combined reigns at 416+ days. He holds the record for most total championship defenses at 22. What’s even more shocking is that he has defended his championship a record setting 16 times in his current reign, which only began on April 4, 2014. The previous record holder for number of championship defenses was Matt Taven, who defended it 12 times over his 287 day reign. These numbers speak very highly of 2 things, the talent of the athletes and the preparation set forth by Truth Martini.

    All respect must be given to Jay Lethal, his quality of opposition during this reign may be the toughest in ROH history. He has turned back challenges of Tommaso Ciampa, Silas Young, ACH, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Kushida, Cedric Alexander as well as defeating Matt Taven in a high profile steel cage match.

    While it’s not Martini in the ring night after night, defense after defense, he is on the front line with his charges. Truth has never been one to just sit back. He is always scheming prior, during and even after matches. He is a master strategist and is not afraid to get physical. Combining Truth with the awesome talents of Jay Lethal appears to be one that is destined for greatness in the history books.

    Is that fact that Martini has guided 4 different ROH World Television Champions a coincidence? Not likely. Martini has always been labeled an opportunist. Martini knows being with a champion not only means higher visibility, but it also comes with prestige! The Television Championship means your face will constantly be seen and that appears to drive the narcissist inside him.

    Could Jay Lethal set records that will never be broken? Is Truth the guy to assist in making this happen? All signs point to yes. Unfortunately for the challengers to the ROH World Television Championship, you may be facing more than just a champion and his manager. You are likely facing a champion and the greatest manager in the history of Ring of Honor. If that’s not true, you are definitely facing the greatest champion as well as the greatest manager in the history of the Ring of Honor World Television Championship!

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