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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dat Kid, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. I dont know if any of you guys have taken notice but it seems like R-Truth has been getting a push. He's had a couple wins here and there and is on Raw a lot more often now. You guys think he deserves the push? Or what are your overall thoughts on what's happening, I'm curious as to what you guys think
  2. Nah, he has won some matches (idk why) but I really don't think they're gonna push him.
  3. Just gonna say this again: R-Truth as World Champ. Make it happen.
  4. He deserves a push, but I'd only be OK with it if they actually came up with some good angles for the guy. Like that interview he had on, make him the old veteran trying to have glory finally, or make him that and then turn him heel as he gets frustrated because he was an awesome heel (also have him point out the conspiracy was a real thing, would be a nice touch as someone pointed out someday, forgot who). But him as just a random face who sings getting a push sucks.
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  5. I would've liked to see him take that IC belt off Perfect Jr (or PJ as he will be referred to henceforth).
  6. If anyone watched the last PPV, he was the person doing the video package for HIAC.

    I actually find Truth to be interesting in the ring, he is athletic, and at times very entertaining for me. When he was a Heel, it was pretty great. Even after when he was supposed to be a heel with little jimmy, but everyone just loved him. I think there is something there for him, but ultimately I'm not sure if he can be a serious contender for the long haul. For a short period though, he will be great. That's me, hbu?
  7. I think he could be serious if he stayed with his heel gimmick. That character was so unique and dynamic. It was a real shame when that went away
  8. I'd like to see him fight for the US Championship, to take the belt off Ambrose and finally de-belt The Shield.
  9. Like it tbh..

    Also love JBL for going all out on Truth's entrance music every time..:jbl:

    So for that, keep him on TV!
  10. Oh hell no that shit is annoying
  11. Yeah JBL is a prince. I love how he marks out for R-Truth.
  12. meh. No thanks.
  13. Kinda like the idea of a push and short title reign but I don't want him to turn heel again.
  14. I'd like to say this'll make sense eventually and either be a plot point once both of them get past this into the Corporation storyline or set up a heel turn, but this is still WWE. This is probably Vince saying "Hmm, this Heyman storyline isn't working well... It's probably because Axel and Ryback are so awesome that Punk seems hopeless! *Calls a peon in Titan Towers to get him his hat full of random midcarders, picks a piece of paper out and pulls out R-Truth* "Hey Truth, can you be the guy to be Punk's sidekick against the Heyman guys?"

    WWE Midcard: Almost as important as the Divas' Division.
  15. I think JBL is the only thing keeping him over. He and Miz are both taking up space they dont deserve in my book.
  16. He had his feud with Morrison and Cena, I don`t like him and I don`t think he deserves a push
  17. Not every wrestler needs to reinvent the wheel. You need to have a few good hands around, and Truth is one of those guys.
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  18. I can see Truth being the guy to take the IC strap or the US strap and I support him doing either one (although Smackdown's revelation of Langston getting involved with the Punk/Heyman angle may be something...or it may have just been a one-off type of thing). I see Truth as being a good worker who will end up with a World Title reign of some sort at the end of his career as a "lifetime achievement award", where he'll take a world title and transition it to another guy.

    And that's not a bad thing necessarily. The guy's had a ton of success outside of WWE but he's never really been bought into by WWE or the WWE fanbase (except for JBL, of course).

  19. There are guys that for whatever reason, it's not a good or bad thing, are needed to challenge a champion and look good but not win. It's kind of like Cactus Jack's role against Sting in this amazing match. Cactus was never in line to win the strap back then, but he made a great nemesis for Sting. Kind of in the same way that RVD was a good challenger for Ambrose and Del Rio.

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  20. PS, I fucking love that match. Sting was at the top of his game.
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