Tryout camp starting today

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. Pwinsider.

    Ricochet and Parks are both good talents.

    Parks definitely have the WWE physique and look.
  2. YEAH! Good luck to Ricochet.
  3. I wish good luck to both of them, but I like Ricochet more
  4. I hope both get signed. Ricochet is Neville with more charisma and a better look. And Parks has as I said in the OP, a WWE look. And if Parks gets signed, maybe his wife can come along.

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  5. Ricochet in WWE would be awesome, but I hope they wouldn't waste his talent. They should also consider looking at Ricochet's partner, Rich Swann. If the Inner City Machine Guns were in WWE, all they would need to work on is charisma, and they could be a top face tag team.
  6. Look at Neville, they haven't really cut down his moveset that much. He's allowed to do his insane high flying moves, the only difference being that there is much more work in between them, making them more special, which also does wonders for match psychology.
    Ricochet is just as good a mat wrestler as Neville (some of their best matches in their rivalry back in Japan were mostly mat work) and maybe even a better high flyer than Neville. He'd be allowed to fly.

    If you're a compitent and safe flier, you're going to be allowed to fly.
  8. Wait....Drake?
    If he gets signed, team him up with Sami and Make him a Hacker as well!
  9. OMG Drake!!!
  10. ICMG are charisma.
  11. Drake's build would work against him in that gimmick, he'd be the stereotype geeky hacker.
  12. Drake Younger? Meh I'd hope not, same for Ricochet.
  13. Is there a particular reason you wouldn't want to see Ricochet in WWE? I figured he'd be a near perfect fit for the WWE tag and midcard
  14. Reportedly "the ego" Robert Anthony/Egotistico Fantastico also participated.

    I'm stoked, with some right time in developmental Anthony could be something good. Not main event good but midcard/upper top.
  15. There's your issue soldier.
  16. There's your issue soldier.
  17. I see no issue. If have no problem with a wrestler being set in a certain division as long as they entertain me. Not everyone can be top of the mountain. Plus there's always the possibility of rising up the card, see Edge and Jeff Hardy as prime examples, no one thought they would be major singles stars at the start.
  18. You see no issue in pushing a talent in a division which doesn't really exist? Tag teams become flavours of the month every so often, the US title hasn't meant anything since Ryder / Ziggler and the IC title got a minor reprieve with Big E winning before that? Probably when Ziggler held it. It's got nothing to do with rising to the top of the mountain and everything to do with wallowing away in the despair of Kofi's broken dreams.
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