Tuesday Super SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lacky, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Isn't that Election night?
  2. I don't know, ask an American. Super SD huh. Let's see if anything happens on this one. :haha:
  3. Yeah, that's the night of the General Election.
  4. So I'm guessing the ratings would suck? If so what a stupid move by the E'
  5. Indeed, seems like a stupid move.
  6. Honestly, that's hard for me to say. I mean, the ratings for Super SD always seem to be worse than regular SD, whether it's a bad time slot for competition or people not being aware of the change or whatever. But, then WWE and SyFy benefit from the show airing twice that week, which equates to a technical positive boost to their ratings.

    This move surprises me a little bit though, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. For those who aren't that interested in the election results, I suppose it would give them something to watch while steering clear of election coverage. Maybe that's what WWE is going for?

    I don't know. Either way, scheduling it for that night just seems like a bad move by WWE. But then they've been known for making bad moves, so maybe it fits.
  7. lol why would they choose that day? :facepalm:
  8. Because it's WWE and they're extremely stupid? :maybe:
  9. they must've forgotten it's election day.
  10. Ha-ha, I wouldn't put it past them...
  11. I dont really know what they were thinking at all, im going to this show on November 6th and lets all hope that it will be a good show
  12. If Christian returns, cheer for me. Or cheer for Daniel Bryan :yes: Have a nice show :maybe:
  13. Indeed, Have fun.
  14. I hope he will be there too, ive been a fan for a long time but im doubtful he will be there.
    Daniel bryan, I might cheer for, im not too keen on him but he has had some good promos in the past.
    Im going to cheer for Wade Barrett too since hes a fellow UK citizen :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Barrett is great as well. But WWE made him bad at his return.
  16. Yeah thats true, I didnt like Wade at first coz he was acting all smug and making us Brits look bad ( like we are a bunch of posh, ignorant gits) but he had talent.
    Then after his return, i thought to myself, I will give him a chance and support him.
    ive read rumors that he might be involved in the Hell in a Cell match between Sheamus and Big show but you cant always believe them
  17. It is a stupid rumor. Dont believe it. Shame that WWE make his return such a disappoitment. Barrett Barrage, Barrage to lose Sheamus.
  18. Wade is being owned by poor WWE booking at the moment so don't expect anything good.
  19. I dont believe it either.
    WWE thought process: ok we have Wade Barrett coming back, what shall we do with him???
    Answer: Let him beat up jobbers like Yoshi Tatsu then throw him in the ring with Sheamus and let him get the beating


    Yeah im not expecting much but still im going to cheer for him since hes a fellow Brit :emoji_slight_smile:
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