Tupac 'appears' at Coachella

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. This is just... Amazing..
  2. Same here bro just seen on my FB page I was like wtf...


    But what gets me is that the 3D technology wasn't around in the in the mid 90's. So how were they able recreate Pac in fully 3D...just brings up the little thought of is he dead or alive idk but is sure as hell looks great
  3. Yeah indeed, I think they just got some footage from his old concerts and put it together, or just someone who moved like Tupac and that they just colored the image in with the other guy's moves. I read that his chest THUG tattoo wasn't there, so I was wondering about the technology aswell. :emoji_wink:
  4. Just looked amazing when Snoop came on they did Amerikaz most Wanted
  5. True true true, really awesome.

  6. This is awesome and a bit creepy all at the same time
  7. Was thinking the exact same thing, really cool how they can make it happen, but weird to see someone this well preforming on a stage.
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