Turn your windows 8 computer into a touch screen.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Want to turn your laptop or desktop running Windows 8 into a touchscreen device? Accessory company Targus announced on Monday morning at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a first-of-its kind technology that makes the most of the latest Windows operating system, without the need to splurge for a pricey new computer that touts the company's built-in touchscreen capabilities.

    Windows 8 — which launched in October and was designed for touch — allows users to swipe, slide and access a full collection of features via your finger. But because of the cost of new hardware, many Microsoft fans upgraded to Windows 8 without buying an expensive touch-screen PC. Now, the Targus Touch Pen aims to give anyone using Windows 8 on older hardware the touch experience, with the help of a stylus.

    "Windows 8 is designed for touch, so if you have a current laptop and your device isn't capability for touch [sic], it lessens the value," Al Giazzon, VP of marketing and communications at Targus, told Mashable. "We put together a new product that turns current computers into a touchscreen device that supports Windows 8. It's easy to use, cheaper and is smaller than the size of your thumb."

    Here's how it works: A small receiver attaches to the side of the laptop screen and communicates with the black Touch Pen via a cable that connects to a USB port, so your laptop thinks it has a touchscreen. The Touch Pen acts like your finger would on a touchscreen, and the screen is protected with the stylus' soft tip. (Note: It doesn't work with an actual finger because it doesn't use either capacitive or optical touch tech).

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  2. Windows 8 fucksucks
  3. Yes, it sucks a lot of fucks. I hate it and am trying to revert back to 7. Fo free
  4. Windows 7 master race reporting in.
  5. lolwindows.

    Do you even Arch?
  6. Tl;dr, and XP anyone?
  7. Windows 8 :terry:
  8. Backup any important shit you need and just reformat.

    As soon as I get wired internet upstairs I'll be moving to mint.
  9. Sounds good. Thank you for the suggestion :obama:
  10. @"leojay" and I rock that fedora. For real I only have windows 8 on my laptop and then I have every OS on a portable hard drive. I use them on a virtual machine. I got windows 8 for free
  11. Switch to desktop mode and it is Windows 7 with much better performance.
    Still, I prefer using Peppermint and Arch.
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  12. Not a fan of Arch, the display anyway.
  13. Nearly broke my laptop getting rid of 8. Remember to disable secure boot before you try and install something else.
  14. I'm guessing this is because of the shitty wireless drivers?

    I'm fairly sure they fixed those.
  15. Then use a different desktop environment. It's very easy to put Cinnamon, KDE ect on it.
  16. No last time I had huge issues trying to get it to recognise my adapter. Tried everything that I read online, it just wouldn't pick it up.

    Linux: "You don't have internet Crayo, you noob."
    Crayo: "But I DO, FIND IT" :WHY:
  17. Good suggestion. Thank you
  18. I actually have done this and downloaded the pack for the start menu. The problem I have is combatiblity with some programs that I use. I run them in 7 or xp combaltibility mode and they still bug out. That's why i'm reverting back to 7.
  19. Was this on a wired or wireless connection? I had heaps of problems with Mint on wireless too, got "Wireless Unavailable" majority of the time.
  20. Obviously was on wireless if I wanted it to find my adapter, lol. Yeah this was on mint too.
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