Turning John Cena Heel At Wrestlemania 29

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. I hate to make Cena Heel Turn Thread #3848576, but I think it's somewhat probable to suggest that Cena can go heel on the Rock at WM29. Here's my idea on how it could happen:

    There is justification for his heel turn - he said his match with Rock last year was the biggest match of his career and said that his career meant nothing if he lost. And lose is what he did, in front of the Rock's home crowd. He then went on to have the worst year of his career, and he could blame this on losing the match against The Rock, because that's where the low point began. He then said on the first Raw of 2013 that he intends for this year to be the complete opposite of 2012 and if he were to win the Rumble, he could have similarities to Austin's heel turn at WM17 (which was also ironically with Rock as well) in the sense that he will do anything to capture the title and hold on to it and remain the top guy. He could say that he wasn't about to lose to the Rock AGAIN, because losing the first time was the lowest point of his (main event) career. Plus, with it being in New York, which I think is supposed to be a smark heavy city that will boo Cena mercilessly already, it's perfect, even more so than Miami (or at least equally so.)

    How he would specifically go about it is another story. Probably a similar beat down to WM17, minus the Vince interference. I picture the ref going down and then when Rock is down but not out (completely), Cena goes outside and picks up a steel chair (slowly as to build tension and make the fans speculate as to if he's really about to use a chair to win the match) and then he gets in the ring. After staring at the chair for a while with a distant stare look in his face (because he's contemplating one of the most important decisions of his career, knowing he'd be betraying his fans who look up to him if he does this), he whacks Rock with it and continues to whack him over and over again while he's down (and he whacks him on all different part of his body - legs, knees, back, chest, etc. - so as to make sure Rock stays down.) After maybe hitting one of his finishing moves on Rock as well - and maybe even a Rock Bottom to add insult to injury - he pins the Rock and becomes WWE Champion.

    The image that Wrestlemania 29 ends on is Cena standing over a battered and beaten Rock, who may even sell a blade job to put the whole thing over as much as possible. Imagine Cena wiping Rock's blood on the WWE Title that is now his. The next night, he could say that that's the last image you'll ever have of the Rock in the WWE and that from now on, anytime you see Rock in movies or think of the Rock, that's the image you'll remember and then you'll think of John Cena instead. He could then give some speech about how he busted his ass to perform and put on the best match possible every night only for people to boo him and how he was tired of pondering to children and being asked (by Vince) to be the friendly face of the company. This could even lead to Vince coming out and telling Cena how horrible it was for betraying his fans. Cena could then expose Vince as a hypocrite by bringing up all the bad shit Vince has done in the past (I'm skeptical of this, as I'm afraid it might get Cena some cheers.) Blah blah blah, etc. I don't want to specifically explain every little detail, but rather give just a basic outline of how it could go down. It's late and I'm tired of typing.

    Last but not least, the main argument against Cena going heel, which is that he may not have enough strong baby faces to counter his heel turn. But I think there's enough. The Miz is a horrible face but he could improve and even though I think he sucks regardless, he is an option. Del Rio just turned face and he won't be WHC forever (I myself have even warmed up to him a bit since his face turn.) There's rumors of Ziggler going face. Big Show could turn eventually and have a month or two to feud with Cena. Punk could go back face eventually. Sheamus and Orton are good choices, even though one is rumored to go heel and the other is better of as a heel as well. Ryback is being built as their new top star, so he could be built up as the big hero who eventually dethrones Cena. They could capitalize on Daniel Bryan's popularity by building him as the big underdog who might take down Cena. One of the members of the Shield could become a breakout star as a baby face (likely Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns strike me as heels, but you never know.) Triple H could always do a one-time thing (non-title match) with Cena. There's a money match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, with part of the build obviously being that Cena claims he made history by leaving Rock laying the year before and will do the same with Undertaker. Then there's always mid-carders being built as new main eventers who could feud Cena and also brand new faces in the WWE who could be a great counterpart to Cena's heel character. And I'm saying all these people could feud with Cena over the next 2-3 years or more, not just all in 2013, obviously.

    Point is, they have more than enough. And WM29 is a good chance to finally pull the trigger on it.
  2. Great points, I'd love for it to happen, but I just don't think it's in the cards.
  3. The problem with turning Cena heel isn't the number of babyfaces as much as the quality... The group of Ryback, Sheamus, Orton, Del Rio, Miz, Big Show, Ziggler just doesn't have anywhere near the drawing power Cena does...

    Then again, it's not like they're drawing viewers anyway, so fuck it! :dawg:
  4. Very nice post, would love to see that happening, must say I'd mark out. Would be a great way to end WM. The thing is that yeah, WWE will lack THE big babyface for some time, they can build one but it'll take time, it'll depend on if they can work with that. But I'd love to see it nonetheless.
  5. I've seen videos of Cena as heel from the past and I thought he made a nice heel. I'd love to see it happen after Wrestlemania since his character hasn't seen any development in quite a while.
  6. The show is technically in New Jersey and is about an hour away from New York City. We're notorious for being a dead crowd, see No Way Out if you don't believe me. However a large majority of the people that go to mania are smarks, so is the post Wrestlemania Raw crowd, so you're right about that. New York isn't heavily smark, it just seems that way because ECW One Night Stand 06'.

    Anyways to the real topic. I think you bring up a great point with this heel turn and I think it would be absolutely perfect. In addition to what you said, Cena doesn't have many years left by my estimation before he goes part time or retires. I think whoever they put Cena against during this heel run will take over as the new top face. Think about it, a Cena heel turn will be the most devastating thing ever, being that he's been face for so many years. The guy to take him down will be extremely over with the crowd. I'm almost anxious to see who they pick, if this were to come to fruition.
  7. As far as a face to take cenas place don't forget the rock keep him around for a couple of months many have him take someone under his wing like miz or Ziegler to give the a major boost if fan base. Also I think the shield should help cina win the title then Monday have cena admit to bringing the shield to wwe and leading them the whole time.

    Cena heel tern is past do
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