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  1. I think that this is the perfect opportunity for the Big Show's career to be recharged. To do this, they need to book Brock Lesnar to do something wild to him during or after the match if they want to do the whole "I'm not finished yet" thing. I would book it as Lesnar's leaving the ring, and the Big Show is starting to get up, and Heyman talks Lesnar into going back to the ring to dish out more punishment. Break an arm, break a leg, whatever, just use Lesnar doing something wild, thus creating an injury angle, to take the Big Show off of TV and start booking him more as a special attraction once he returns. No, I don't mean give him the Lesnar schedule, but don't constantly book him in feuds, thus showcasing him regularly, something like time off, return for a feud and matches in between every other week, time off again, repeat. Even Big Show himself feels like he's being overexposed. He told Digital Spy "I think the uniqueness and the special things I bring to WWE is sometimes a bit downplayed because you see me every week"

    I think many will agree with me when I say that WWE continually presenting him as a top star is a problem. Another guy that has been around for long, a bit longer, is Kane. He's had a lot of things change with his character. He started out as this dentist, then became a Diesel, he then becomes Kane and has a mask, and six years later, taking off the mask, and that unmasked Kane lasted eight years. He then goes back to the mask, and also became Corporate Kane, which today he switches back and forth from. But the Big Show has always been the same Big Show. Another thing, there's no geniune interest in seeing the Big Show around every week now, and nobody is buying into the "Big Show as a credible threat to Lesnar" thing and shoving him at the top of the card when nobody is interested in seeing him there just needs to stop.

    Bottom line, Saturday is the perfect time for WWE to turn things around and I would hope that they realize this oppurtunity and take advantage of it
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  2. When are smarks going to stop hating on two nearly 7 foot men who actually have personality.
    Whether you see this or not, Kane and Big Show are liked by Vince McMahon. Deal with that.
    Wrestling was founded upon big men. They are easy to book and can make anybody look like a million bucks.
    Braun Stowman is over already. He hasn't delivered a great promo nor delivered a five star match. This is why WWE utilizes big men.
    Kane is a great asset who still draws at house shows. Paul Wight is a goofy piece of sh*t, but he's lovable and you can't teach 7 feet.

    Besides WWE is a brand now and Big Show is more useful appearing as often as he can because he is very congenial. Lesnar is the opposite.
  3. Wrestling was never founded off of big men. Go back to the absolute hay day of wrestling (until the early 80s), and you'll discover there was little difference between the World Champions like Lou Thesz, Harley Race, and Jack Briscoe and the average working man.
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  4. Just like you said, there's a lot to be said for being a fearsome monster. It works for Strowman, who's been built up to be scary as shit and it's carrying what (at least was, may still be) the best feud of 2015. Rusev was made to look unbeatable. Both of those guys (could) have been great heels and massive odds to overcome, while it's harder for "smaller guys" to get over the same way Ryback did and Lesnar is. They're easy to book and it works, we even see it nowadays... Hell, when he debuted Big Show was AMAZING as the Giant in WCW - so I hear, and we all know how scary Kane was.

    Now everyone beats these two - and smark favorite Luke Harper - and said aura is gone, it's not the easiest thing to rebuild.
    You can only do it so many times before we LOL at the thought of these guys being scary opponents for someone.

    Is he useless? No, due to his size Big Show makes for a great introductory opponent, plus he's the best barbell for great spots (like this Lesnar match, Cesaro slamming him, etc). He's not useless. He deserves his spot. But if you're trying to throw him at a top guy? Popcorn fart.
  5. Has anyone been keeping track of big show's track records the last couple of months?

    I mean, I love the guy. I think he has great personality and is athletic for his size, but he suddently became a menace to brock...how? I get kane, since kane is always this guy that gets scary as balls for no reason. And I get mark henry at 2011, since he had a big attitude change. But big show showed up as...big show. He's still the same guy as before, and since his promos are always intense and angry he just seemed at most a slightly more upset version of himself.

    I think this whole ordeal at least explains why wwe was protecting him against ryback. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't give him the clean win, but it makes sense now, I guess.
  6. My main argument for big fat and Kane not being in the main event isn't simply because they have no talent, it's merely because they've been doing this forever.... They're old.... They're gimmicks, almost no matter what you do, don't feel fresh anymore. Their focus needs to be on pushing talent, but WWE acts as if this has to be in the main event scene. People have this mentality that because big show and Kane have been around for a while, they should just be main eventers no matter what. I disagree.

    They can be upper mid card. Occasionally joining in some main events. But, the main goal with these 2 should be pushing talent. Plain and simple. Anything beyond this gets absurd and keeps proving that WWE can't truly doing anything original or creative with their current talent pool as well as older talent, like fatass and Kane.
  7. Pretty sure Big Show is gonna get his ass handed to him, proving that he is still not a menace to Brock.
  8. The only way I could appreciate Big Show is if he retired. So, please do. :smirk2:
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