Impact Turns out the GFW name will live on

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jul 4, 2017.

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  1. After TNA and GFW have finally become one, it was probably expected TNA to live and GFW to rest in peace with its short existence.... it is the other way around :emoji_hushed:.

    Not much of a change but from now on, we will now dub everything: #LOLGFW
  2. should have just kept the Impact name and keep Gold Force Wrestling away from the logo.
  3. Speaking of...

  4. Global Force Impact Wrestling! :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. I actually think it's a good idea. For people like us who spend time on forums and read wrestling news, the GFW name is more familiar being a company that never quite took off. Most people out there are really not familiar with it but they are familiar with TNA and the baggage associated with that name.

    Now personally, I think GFW Impact Wrestling is silly because that makes it "Global Force Wrestling Impact Wrestling" But I totally support them replacing TNA with GFW.

    Also, I would have loved to see the look on Dixie's face when she heard they were doing that. It just really makes me so happy to know she is completely out of power in her former company and Jarrett is back in. I would love to just see her and laugh at her for like 5 hours :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. But those who know GFW also know its a joke in a way. Should've just stuck with Impact Wrestling. Didn't need GFW/TNA imo.
  7. Just because it's a wrestling company that didn't take off on its own doesn't mean that it's a joke. I don't think GFW is a joke because it didn't succeed immediately. Jeff Jarrett put a lot of work into it and just because it didn't become anything other than a really minor promotion doesn't make it a joke. There are a few people on here and some of the other wrestling pages who feel that way, but there are much, much, much, much more who feel TNA and TNA Impact are a huge joke.

    The GFW name has much less baggage. Besides, the word seems to be that Jeff Jarrett's relationship with Spike TV had a lot to do with why Impact is now shown on Spike UK. I don't know if that's completely true, but everything I've seen before indicates that Jarrett's relationship with Spike is amazingly better than Dixie's ever was. So the thought is that renaming the company GFW may be a reward to Jarrett and I am fine with that.

    Did they need it? Probably not. But they obviously did it for a reason and even if the reason I believe they did it for is not the correct one, it seems to make the most sense.
  8. The joke has nothing to do with the wrestling company not taking off, it's all on him and the selling gold thing. There's plenty of promotions that run out of business and no one goes 'lol'.

    I agree TNA was a joke too, that is why I said why have either name? It's not like there's a rule it needs to have three letters before impact. Just Impact was fine and that's my point. Why they did it, I have no idea, but I'm just putting my opinion out there :emoji_wink:
  9. Honestly I've only once or twice heard about the gold thing and think the vast majority of people have never heard of it or give it any real mind. The most consistent criticism I hear is how the company never accomplished anything and seemed to be nothing more than a vehicle for Jarrett's ego, which is likely somewhat true.

    Yeah, there are plenty of promotions that go out of business and no one goes 'lol.' However, they're not started by people as prominent in the wrestling business as Jarrett is. Part of the reason for founding TNA was Jarrett's poor relationship with Vince McMahon. So when TNA began, a lot of people (probably right) saw it nothing more than Jarrett's attempt to keep himself as the top wrestler in a company because he couldn't go back to WWE. So when he fell out with Dixie and went and started GFW, a lot of people mocked him for doing it again... starting a company simply to keep his name out there and because he now couldn't go back to both WWE and TNA. Only this time, it failed.

    And they probably would have just left it Impact, I believe. I mean they are changing it pretty suddenly a second time after changing it the first time. That sort of lends credence to the idea that it was a "reward" to Jarrett for improving the company's relationship with Spike.

    And I'm not saying you shouldn't put your opinion out there :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: I'm just countering it because I'm a bit of a Jarrett apologist. I may also be the only person in the world to admit to that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: