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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Are there any TV shows that are your guilty pleasures? Shows you never expected to like but ended up doing anyway and maybe even are a bit ashamed of/don't tell all your friends about?

    Personally it is Glee. I never thought at first glance that I'd like the show but a friend recommended it and one weekend later I had watched the first season from start to stop. I have currently watched the first 3 seasons and will sit down with the fourth one now that it is done. Now in hindsight I know why I like it. I am a show monkey myself, having done theater, humor shows/dinner farces and singing/music as a hobby. So me liking a show like this is pretty logical after all.

    What are your guilty pleasures?
  2. A show that used to run called Mile High. Its garbage like Footballers Wives but I loved it lols. Was ridiculous and bad acting but something was so enjoyable about it lols.
  3. Eastenders, for the last 14 years.
  4. Suppose its still looked on as guilty maybe geeky but Buffy, Star Trek and the amazing Babylon 5 which gets a lot of hate from Big Bang Theory.
  5. There is nothing guilty about liking Buffy. that show was incredibly well put together considering the original premise of "young girl fighting supernatural monsters" which was virtually untried before.
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  6. Fair enough I agree. Not sure most of my mates would lol. But I love it such a good tv series. Joss Whedon is a legend.
  7. Full House, Who's the Boss, Saved by the Bell, Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother, and Survivor

    Uncle Jesse for president.
  9. Don't have any, I'm not capable of feeling guilty over enjoying some tv show. Even if it's mindless crap, rarely that's exactly what I want to watch and the main reason I like it.
  10. George Lopez, Billy the Exterminator. :obama:
  11. Monday Night Raw :smug-47:
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  12. If you feel guilty for watching Full House, then you're just not a man. :testify:
  13. Another of my guilty pleasures is Power Rangers. I've seen every season between Mighty Morphing and Jungle Fury. I made it through the dreaded Disney era so to speak.
  14. Suits and WWE.
  15. Glee and Vampire Diaries. The storylines suck a majority of the time but there are just a few aspects that keep me around to watch week after week.
  16. George Lopez is a sick show. Not even embarrassed that I watch it.
  17. In England literally nobody has seen it though, so when I tell them I watch a TV show about a Mexican family it doesn't sound as good as it is.
  18. HAHAHA i didnt think anyone else had really watched that show. Billy the Exterminator is awesome, if only because his brother is beyond retarded.
  19. Lmao, when he got stung by the bees and or yellowjackets as they say and was on the ground freaking out, it's awesome.
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