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  1. What do you think about the current opening themes for WWE shows? Raw, SD, Superstars, NXT, Main Event and Slam? Like, dislike? If you could change them, which songs would you pick?
  2. Hate Raw & Smackdown. NXT is pretty good. Don't watch Superstars, Main Event, Slam to comment.
  3. I put links to the theme songs if you're interested to know what they are.
  4. like sd because it's Green Day

    raw not keen on liked Nickleback a lot better tho.
  5. In that case I like ME & Superstars. Don't like Slam.
  6. I used to like the Papa Roach one. You know? [​IMG]
  7. It was a nice theme indeed.
  8. SD is bad. Also Slam is bad too. Others are ok.
  9. I think we're in agreement. :obama:
  10. Raw's I hate, but with the show trying to be pop-culture it at least fits.
    Smackdown's is atrocious in every way
    Not sure about NXT as a theme song, but it's a really good song period. C&C > You
    Superstars... kinda bland but fits wrestling and gets you pumped. Main Event is the same, except better.
    Not going to bother giving Saturday Morning Slam as much as a Youtube view on an unrelated channel
  11. Raw- Sucks, think they should bring "Across the Nation" back
    SD- Just awful, think they should use the 1st SD theme or Beautiful People
    Superstars- Song sucks, but is OK for a theme
    NXT- Great song, don't think it works well for a theme though
    Main Event- Song sucks, but OK for a theme
    Slam- Awful
  12. To be loved by papa roach was a good one and let the bodies hit the floor one was awesome to
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