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  1. Seriously? A tv title match on the PPV?

    You have a TELEVISION title... To be defended on television.... You don't even enforce the "defend it every week" ruling and then you put Devon vs Kaz on the PPV....

    Face palm

  2. Agreed, it sucked dick. The first hour was so bad in this PPV, but the rest made up for it.
  3. Most likely the match was booked because negotiations with the Dudley's weren't settled until just before the ppv.
  4. It's supposed to be defended on TV every week? I didn't even realize that. Shows how slack and inconsistent they are with it.

    When was the last time it was defended on TV even? Crimson ~3 weeks ago?
  5. Yea not sure why they felt the need for the filler, unless as someone said they were trying to show Devon they care about him and squeezed him in. I didn't see the match, but it sounded corny.

    I was glad when they dusted off the TV Title and Devon went over a long list of guys during that first month or so and was defending it every week, then it just stopped. They should have gotten the belt off of him, to either Crimson or Pope or anybody, and continued having it defended every week, if not most every week. At this point that title and Devon just need to go away.
  6. Agreed.

    Btw, where is Crimson now?
  7. just back out of rotation.. unless you are a top guy like Aries, Bully, Roode, ect you get a storyline or two and then just work house show circuits for awhile. It's something I both like and dislike about TNA. It does help keep guys fresh though
  8. Gives them a bit of a off season as well doesn't it?
  9. So Crimson had a massive massive undefeated streak, loses, and doesn't appear again. Meh, I personally dislike that. Especially since he lost it to fucking Storm.
  10. Relax. Just relax. This is gonna be a non-violent kind of argument.

    The reason and ONLY reason TV Title is being defended on the PPV and not every week on TV lately is because of one simple, clear reason - BFG Series is taking place every week with two-three matches in a two hour show with there being only enough space to cover Knockouts and X Division on that same show. It was even announced on air. After BFGS is over, it'll be defended just like before Slammiversary - every week. CASE CLOSED and get over it.
  11. yay Devon. that's it.
  12. I agree but I think you will remember I hated this 'streak' Crimson had all along. I think he should continue to be pushed and the break for him is pretty poorly timed. For a lot of guys it works fine though.

    Back on topic to the tv title, that shit needs to be taken off of Devon ASAP. My top candidates would be POPE, Crimson (who I still can't Believe lost to Devon in a title match, or maybe even Chavo
  13. Crimson's character should be re-vamped after BFGS is over, I hope. He's really talented.
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