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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Sooo... Now it's pretty much confirmed that DZ's totally losing that feud with The Miz. :smirk2:
  2. Why do jobbers even have Twitters?
  3. Gotta complain somewhere, bro.
  4. He and CM Punk should go out on a date.
  5. Date? I think they have moved passed that stage. :ambrose2:
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  6. Nothing he said was even wrong and it actually makes sense why his character would say that. Are we honestly supposed to think something that happened less than a year and a half ago didn't actually happen because it might take some of the sting away from the current storyline between Shane and The Authority?
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  7. Yes. :ohyeah:
  8. Just skimmed through Raw. Apparently this was all kayfabe stuff, since there was an on-screen segment between Ziggler and Stephanie mentioning it, nothing big.
  9. Poor Ziggler, I remember how he won the world title and then he dissapeared due to injury and immeditaley lost it when he returned. Then he sounded like he was getting a push in late 2014 but it never happened, just more quick IC title reigns, now they made him the 80s rock dude still coming out to the show off music... he deserved better
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