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It’s time again for some Sunday silliness with the Tweets of the Week. It will feature random delights with a focus on the three B’s: bods, beasts, and buffoonery.

Oh, some of these might not be from this week nor be tweets. Who cares. Enjoy it anyway.

Cageside Seats hopes you had a happy 4th of July, or a wonderful Saturday if you don’t live in the USA. Mandy Rose wanted a safe 4th for all.

Scarlett Bordeaux also wishes happiness for everyone.

Happy 4th of July everyone!! ❤

— Scarlett Bordeaux (@Lady_Scarlett13) July 4, 2020
Meanwhile, Karrion Kross was dropping knowledge bombs about Twitter earlier in the week.

When you’re reading twitter and realize that it’s the exact same
thing as the Matrix,
And everyone who reads this will have a completely different assumed context of what you’re talking about and none of it means anything because this isn’t real.

⏳ Karrion Kross (@WWEKarrionKross) June 28, 2020
My favorite 4th of July related tweet comes from Brain Pillman Jr. when discussing Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Every drink feels like George Washington himself is on horseback rushing down my throat!

— Brian Pillman (@FlyinBrianJr) July 4, 2020
Lana has a big surprise.

We FOOLED YOU ! Hahahaha ! @ToBeMiro formerly known as #Rusev & I fooled all of you again !!!! Hahahahahaha !!!

— CJ “Lana” Perry (@LanaWWE) July 1, 2020
She’s still married to Miro (aka Rusev). Hmmm, I don’t think anyone actually believed her recent marriage to Bobby Lashley was real. Anyway, Lana moving her legs like noodles was amusing.

Time to double dip with Lana and Mandy Rose as they dance like Betty Boop.

Bully Ray has a haunting thought for the rest of 2020.


— Bully Ray (@bullyray5150) July 1, 2020
If there are any experts out there that know how to slay Jason Voorhees, please contact Bully Ray so he can save the world.

What if Stephanie McMahon holds the power to save us all? My Buddy is similar enough to Chucky that she may have special abilities.

I haven’t thought this all the way through. Let’s hope Stephanie doesn’t turn into a psychotic murderer.

Maybe we should call the Undertaker to battle 2020 in his true final fight. Look how much he has evolved over time.

This was how long the Undertaker's career was

— 90s WWE (@90sWWE) June 29, 2020
Speaking of things I never thought I’d see in 2020, what is this baby stroller contraption for Charly Caruso’s dog? Is Charly’s plan to pretend her pooch is a furry baby so Zorra can fly in a regular seat? I’m not hip to the advancements of canine travel.

Enjoy Hulk Hogan making funny noises.

We’ll close with a weird clip from MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone. His dog may be trying to make a quarantine break through the wall. Either that or maybe there is a something hidden in there, such as a packages of cash.

Best video you’ll watch all week

— Hammerstone (CHAD-erstone) (@alexhammerstone) July 2, 2020
Until next week, grab a Pabst and chill.

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