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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Closed, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. Hey, another one from TWF :emoji_slight_frown: I don't even know what to say really.....Just sad that forum is shutting down. Hope my friends come over anyway. Will be fun to meet new people and all that. Bit of a question but does this forum have a wrestling league? TWF had one with Yellow running it (25k subs) and I have a feeling he wants to continue running it. Would the owner be cool with the TWF League moving from there to over here?
  2. IWT (Internet Wrestling Titles) is what I think you are referring to which is this forums version of TWF.
    You can ask or suggest it to Solidus, he may be willing to open it here.

    Anyways, welcome! I know it sucks when a forum closes you were a huge part of but trust me, this is the best wrestling community there is. I have been on other forums and none of them come close. There is a chat bar, weekly live discussions for Raw, and all staff/mods are very laid back. I am sure you will do just fine here.
  3. Thanks man.
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  4. Welcome to the site man. There's a few of us TWF guys over here which should help ease the transition a bit.
  5. true. Just need to spam TWF with this site now :emoji_grin:
  6. Welcome to the best wrestling forum, dude! :nakamura:
  7. Welcome aboard!
  8. Yo. Wrestling League as in like Video Games or E-Fed?
  9. Yup. Just waiting for Yellow to sign up and setup everything with the admin.

    Edit: Video games
  10. Oh. We had one, but I think it stopped. You can start one if you want. You got an Xbox One, PS4 or PC?
  11. The one we had in TWF was big. Just waiting for Yellow to signup and setup the league with the Admin. I'm on Xbox btw

    Edit: I have all 3
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