Twice in a LifeTime

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    They said this match will only happen once in a life time, to me it seems as if the WWE has no idea what to put for WrestleMania, so the 'Once in a Lifetime' match turned into 'Twice in a Lifetime' match.

    For me I don't want to see Cena/Rock all over again. The feud was built poorly. The Rock is a whack when it comes to cutting promos. He lost the edge he had 10 years ago. He isn't the same guy. John Cena is... well... John Cena, but he really beat The Rock in the verbal game, hate it or love it. He proved that he can hang and actually kill anyone on the mic if he wants to, but a lot of people don't want to believe in it.

    Nonethless, to me the rematch is unneeded. As much as I respect The Rock, I don't see the point of this match happening again. I would love to see The Rock go 1 on 1 with Randy Orton (only if Randy turns heel), but that is unlikely to happen.
  2. Simple answer here. Both men draw, thus WWE will make money. WWE is a business and it is all about the money.
  3. I get that they are a draw and all that, but seriously, from fan stand of point, do you care about this match?

    Would you pay for a match that you know the outcome of? (Cena winning the belt from The Rock)
  4. It's not like Cena and Rock is the only match that is easy to predict. A lot of wrestling is predictable. You just need to observe patterns. I'm not one to care much about "results". I watch for the in ring action and storytelling, how the wrestlers interact and build feuds.
  5. It makes a shitload of Dough.
  6. We're smarks, we're rarely happy with anything WWE does.
    I'm sure there are a lot of Cena fans who wan't to see him beat The Rock and get the title, and there are also a lot of Rock fans who will tune in no matter who he's going up against. Like others have said, this makes sense business wise. Who gives a shit what some smarks on the internet want or think... most internet smarks aren't even going to buy the damn PPV anyway.
  7. That being said, I really don't want to see this feud or match again. It'll probably be even more boring and lame the second time around.
  8. Then again, Brock/Rock would also make a lot of money and would probably be a better option :hmm:
    edit: Nvm. Forgot about them both being part timers.
  9. In the eyes of the casuals ROCK>PUNK CENA>PUNK it's just a fact we have to accept.
  10. Also don't want to see it again. Not the best feud, not the best match and we've already seen it.
  11. If it was called once in a lifetime I'm sure WWE wouldn't go back on that. Maybe they'll make this one a Triple Threat and also involve Punk
  12. You should have seen this rematch coming even before WM28. As I pointed out in another thread, how many big matches in the WWE have not had at least one rematch? I can't think of hardly any except Hogan/Warrior, and even that was rumored to happen at Wrestlemania 7 the following year, with Warrior switching the belt back to Hogan. But Vince wanted to capitalize on the Iraq War and so had Sgt. Slaughter turncoat (which backfired, since they switched from a large arena to a smaller one because of poor ticket sales and then they spin doctored it saying it was for security reasons lol.)

    Part of me thinks that Cena's promo about not being able to beat either Rock or Punk and so the odds are against him no matter who the champion is makes me think it will be a triple threat, the idea being that when Cena finally overcomes the odds and wins the belt again, he can say he got a victory over both guys at the same time. Rock/Punk at Elimination Chamber ends in a draw, and Rock retains the belt but Punk somehow finds a way into the match at WM.

    That said, I'm not looking forward to any of it. The good thing is once WM29 is over, it's out of the way and we can move on to other things.
  13. WM75 will be in 2059 btw, not 2058 :otunga:
  14. Don't wanna see it at all.
    The only thing that might get me a bit invested is if it added a gimmick/stipulation to the match.
    Or else, just do a triple threat.
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