Twin Magic!!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Action Jackson, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. What if during Brie and Daniel Bryan's wedding, there's a switch and Nicole takes her place right before the vows?

    Twin Magic!!!!

    What if during the honeymoon before the sex between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, there's a switch and Nicole takes her place?

    Twin Magic!!!

    What if after the birth of Daniel and Brie's first child, Daniel is distracted just long enough for Nicole to take Brie's place and pretend she just gave birth??

    Twin Magic!!!


    Twincest Magic!!!
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  3. Nikki has a lil more meat on her, and bigger faker tits. (nothing wrong with more meat though)
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  4. But dey fake, I would rather Brie since hers are real.
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  5. I touch myself at night when thinking of the Bella Twins.
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  6. I probably couldn't tell the difference
  7. I could. Fuck fake tits!
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  8. What if during a heated argument over Brie's infidelities, there's a switch without Daniel's knowledge?!?! He could argue with Nicole about Brie's transgressions!!

    Twin Magic!!!!!
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