Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Sackfist, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. When we introduced Twitter threads, activity on this section massively increased.

    We hoped this would be constant and because of this we would have required an extra subforum due to the amount of activity.

    However activity has slumped, and we are thinking to scrap the twitter threads completely because they have become practically dead.

    If you think we should keep them please post why.

    We would like to know which system you prefer. Before the twitter threads we had a very active discussion thread whilst we now have several smaller twitter threads with varying levels of activity and use and that doesn't connect as well between the users. Would you therefore rather see us scrap the twitter threads and go back to the discussion thread and similar threads or give the twitter system another go?
  2. I say scrap the Twitter thing and have everyone post in the Fed X discussion thread again.
  3. I was really big on it at the start, then it just died out.
  4. It's because of school starting. Give it some time.
  5. The forum is down due to school starting but other areas of the forum are blossoming with activity. I just think people got easily bored with it. :sad:
  6. What other areas? 9:00 am -4:00 pm here @ the Philippines means dead forums. It's school. Trust me. It's not only Fed X, it's the forums as a whole
  7. Don't get me wrong, of course forum activity is down in general. :haha: - I just mean the user's who've got these Twitter threads, have been online numerous times, and haven't posted in them. They could have simply forgot about them, I don't know. :lol1:
  8. Just give me a couple days, ill get twitter and make it big by posting how great i am over, and over, and over again. :true:
  9. Ok, we will keep the twitters of those who are active with them
  10. I still saw we get a subforum for Fed-x, one click for warzone, one for stars under main page for new characters/faqs. Then each forum has the deal, but this wont work with the activity being so low lately. Someday.
  11. I like that idea Aids, would help out a lot tbh. But correct as you said, until we get acivity up, we won't get any subforums
  12. Apologies for not updating my twitter thread, haven't been keeping up to date with the product tbh. I'll catch up in a while and probably update it.
  13. Sorry, forgot all about them but I will post in them asap.
  14. Aids4champ.
  15. No. Just no.
  16. I'll send a update on mine soon.
  17. So many types of :yes:. Hope your tag team gets those well needed points, really into the immortality fights ATM. Hope you end up in the last few, as more teams are going to be getting time on WZ soon.

    As far as Aids for champ? You know you love me.
  18. I'm not commenting on that last bit. Although we will do well, surely.
  19. Getting a bit off topic here, this thread is about keeping Twitter threads or not
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