Twitter war: CM Punk & Chris Brown.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Source: Wrestlezone.

    I saw this when Punk tweeted to Chris Brown the first time..but that faggot thinks that he's something for beating a helpless woman. Someone should hit him with a bottle so his disfunctional brain starts to function again.
  2. I kind of enjoy these tweet wars, they remind me of being 12.
  3. Punk owned him and then Chris owned himself. Don't go to war with Punk on twitter, only Jericho could beat him (or Barrett).
  4. I was actually deciding whether to post this earlier. But it's twitter so I was like "F*ck It!"
    But I guess Chris Brown hasn't seen CM Punks Tattoo's on his knuckles.

  5. That is why Brown removed the tweet that said "Utterly impossible to pleasure a woman"

    I feel bad for this human being.
  6. There's also another twitter war between @WWERawGM and @GMSmackDown.
  7. Actually I think it was Long responding to Lauranitus from EC and William Regal saying he should be the GM.
  8. I tweeted "Arrive, tag-team match, leave" to Teddy Long.
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  9. :laugh:
  10. Fuck yeah, that's my man! Kudos.
  11. He didn't reply, too busy looking up at Ace.

  12. Damn, I'm laughing my ass off here!

    I think Twitter wars are simply stupid, especially wars with CM Punk. And a man that knows that he's going to be owned and still trashtalks is an idiot.
  13. Yeah they're immature as hell and no one really wins, apart from Jericho or Punk. Both of those rip into so many people on twitter and come off as such quick witted assholes, rofl.
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