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  1. Could we get a Twitter widget implemented into our user profile? This would greatly boost the popularity of each Federation X superstars' and their official or unofficial twitter page. I think this would prove useful since we have many active Fed X readers.

    Also, if people don't like Fed X, they could just use their own personal twitter to update their profile with.

    I personally, think that it's a great idea. Now, I will leave it up to you, Crayo and Xanth, to decide whether to make users happy, or make them rebel against you...
  2. Don't know about a widget. Maybe just a custom user field.
  3. For Fed-X members only? I have an idea.
  4. Intrigued as to what the idea is
  5. HF has one.. I just realized that.
  6. We're not HF.
  7. I didn't say we were HF? I said they have one. That will prove really useful on here.
  8. Just because HF has one doesn't mean it will work on here. HF is not the benchmark we should measure ourselves after.
  9. I didn't suggest it just because HF has one.. Xanth said he didn't know of any widgets of the sort.. So I looked around and realized HF has one.
  10. I didn't say that.
  11. :lol1::pity:
  12. He's saying that he's unsure whether to add it or not. Then he suggested a custom user field.
  13. Oh, the post he quoted and his reply made me think different.
  14. Are we going to make a wikipedia for Fed X soon?
  15. @[CM Punk] We are currently building one up

    We are still adding to it, difficult to do whilst writing the shows each week and such. We hope by december we will have the wikipedia built
  16. I'm so not fond of adding plugins I don't feel will get much use. I mean wasn't there meant to be twitter threads when your characters made updates? I personally just see a twitter field on the profile quite pointless, I never have seen the benefit of it.
  17. And also not too many people here visit each others profile. So mostly, it'll be there only for your viewing.
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