Two belts??

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Johnybig32, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. A bit pathetic? Why not just one new one.
  2. It's symbolic, Jericho carried two after winning them at December time (maybe November, I'll be damned if I know) before losing to a returning RR winner at WM. They'll either just keep the WWE belt when Batista has it (likely) or split them up ( :maybe: and have 2 titles again.)
  3. I said the same thing actually, but they did just debut the new WWE belt not that long ago so I can see why they haven't just made a whole new one yet.
  4. They'll keep the WWE one.
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  5. They'll separate them after WrestleMania, I expect. Have some sort of tournament or multi-man gimmick match to crown a new champion.
  6. They'll go back to one belt after someone beats Orton.
  7. Need one champion. One belt.
  8. [​IMG]

    This forum needs more Jericho actually.
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  9. It looks stupid. Sooooo 2000.
  10. Hardly the WWE title is a year old like totes one different belt fam.
  11. This debate is legendary.
  12. Beats all the crying about Bryan not being in the RR threads.
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  13. :true: That is sssssoooooooo last night
  14. Oh sorry, the boss has spoken.
  15. As mentioned, Jericho did the same thing in late '01/early '02. It just looks more prestigious to go around carrying both championships on your shoulder and it's a way of saying that you're the one who combined both of these championships and they both belong to you now. As soon as Orton loses to someone, then the World Heavyweight Championship will be dropped and only the WWE Title will remain. I doubt they'll make a new design for it though seeing as how just introduced the new WWE Championship design last year.
  16. They unified the titles, the belts should have been too. I just think it looks stupid.
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  17. It won't last very long anyway. I think it looks pretty cool as a short-term thing.
  18. What exactly are you basing that on? It's been 6 weeks+ and the new name suggests they're keeping two. It looks lame.
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  19. Why unifying the titles if they'll be split soon? (hopefully, I want to have two main titles tbh)
  20. Like I said, the fact that Jericho did the same thing over a decade ago. He unified them in December of 2001 and then dropped the newly christened WWE Undisputed Championship to Triple H at Wrestlemania X-8 in March, in which case they went with just carrying around one belt from that point on instead of two (until the brand extension later in the year brought back the WHC, of course.)

    Likewise, maybe they'll keep the WWE World Heavyweight Championship name even when they do away with the WHC belt itself (for decades, it was referred to as the WWF World Heavyweight Championship anyway) but no reason to think they'll keep carrying around two belts forever.
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